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PArticle Filter Toolbox PArticle Tool box

2015-03-18 21:52    By:oceanpearl      View:93      Download:0

The object of this toolbox is to provide a MATLAB framework for nonlinear filteringin general, and pArticle filtering in particular. this is done by using the objectorientedprogramming paradigm, resulting in truly expandable code. Three typesof discrete and nonlinear state-space models are supported...

Matlab Matlab

sistema de gestao de internamento

2014-11-23 04:39    By:Artur      View:69      Download:0

sistema que permite gerir um internamento no hospital. cadastrando funcionarios, e pacientes...

Windows Java

Java.util.conCurrent multithreading framework---the thread pool program

2014-10-07 21:33    By:yony      View:293      Download:0

General server thread pool are required, such as Web 、 FTP Servers, but they tend to implement your own thread pool, such as previously described Tomcat 、 Resin 和 Jetty And so on, there is now JDK5 And we don't need to repeat the wheel, direct use can be, and is also very convenient to use, pe...

Java Development Java

généRateur pwm

2014-12-15 03:08    By:AviaTor      View:14      Download:0

généRateur pwm  /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////...

Matlab Matlab

this is a 3D visualization of how the Expectation Maximization algorithm learns a Gaussian Mixture Model for 3-dimensional data.

2015-03-28 08:41    By:anqbllh      View:41722      Download:0

Traditional single pArticle reconstruction methods use either the Fourier or the delta function basis to represent the pArticle density map. We propose a more flexible algorithm that adaptively chooses the basis based on the data. Because the basis adapts to the data, the reconstructi...

Graph C

In the records.txt student information is stored in a text file (no more than the number of students n, can be regarded as #define n 60), including the student ID, name, height, three data items (data items are sepaRated by character 't', names may contai

2014-11-30 14:55    By:pcl      View:436      Download:0

#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <string.h> #define N 60 struct STUDENTS { int id; char name[9]; double height; }; char *fgetline(FILE *fp, char *str, int n, char delim); int getRecs(char *filename, struct STUDENTS *s, int n); void Sort(struct S...

Assembly Language C

8 bit magnitude compaRater with register

2014-12-17 03:43    By:app      View:171      Download:0

 8 bit magnitude compaRater with register  ...

verilog VHDL

Tcl script to geneRate graph taking two parameter files as input .

2015-03-09 02:11    By:192      View:302      Download:0

X, Y coordinates points for the graph is geneRated randomly and put it in a trace file. The trace file is given as input file to xgraph to plot the graph. Here two trace files are plotted in the single graph. Point of each trace file will be differentiated in color....

Communication Tcl/Tk

CPU_Mem_UsageRate_Calculator for Linux developed CodeBlocks

2015-01-11 01:48    By:windofthesky      View:55      Download:0

For statistical purposes under the Linux console tools for CPU and memory consumption is a small, late may further secondary development. development tool for Codeblocks project contained in it, in the CentOS6.5 under compile, you can run it....

Linux programming C

Term structure of interest Rates and interest Rate models

2015-03-08 07:29    By:njwhat      View:29      Download:0

Models of term structure of interest Rates and interest Rate   the theory of the term structures of the interest Rates because of length are different, various kinds of bonds, the existence of the time value of money. Bonds of different maturities of the required Rate of return is different. Th...

Matlab Matlab

PArticle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

2015-03-23 20:22    By:Hamid reza Zaefarani      View:80      Download:0

In computer science, pArticle swarm optimization (PSO) is a computational method that optimizes a problem by iteratively trying to improve a candidate solution with regard to a given measure of quality. PSO optimizes a problem by having a population of ca...

Matlab Matlab

PArticle filter object tracking

2015-03-11 14:43    By:Junshou      View:60      Download:1

this is a highly functional goal tracker. Achieve a target tracking under the background. (Camera or something you can go) but in contrast to the system resource requirements are very high.  ...

Algorithm C++

Multi-objective PArticle Swarm Optimization algorithm

2015-02-23 22:30    By:Charles      View:51      Download:0

An Effective Use of Crowding Distance in Multi-objective PArticle Swarm Optimization The programs in this Article...

Matlab Matlab


2014-12-17 16:40    By:saeed      View:48      Download:0

  NEVILLE'S ITERateD INTERPOLATION ALGORITHM 3.1       To evaluate the interpolating polynomial P on the    (n+1) distinct numbers x(0), ..., x(n) at the number x    for the function f       INPUT   numbers x(0),..., x(...

Matlab Matlab
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