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The application should let a user maintain a list of customers. After selecting a customer the user should be able to specify in what states the customer does business in. By clicking the "Save all changes"-button all the changes made by the user should be stored in a MySQL database. List of clie...

dll memory held

dll memory molested!! You can modify the memory!! When loading EXE molested dll, patch Your own code!!!!!...

dllInjection Basics

Learn how to inject a dll into the specific process running in the system. Allow users to enter process ID, which can be retrieved from Process Explorer and inject a dll named "Simpledll.dll" which creates upon loaded. ...

Mergedll to be merged with dll, exe former PSE-FIFA

Merge a dll and the exe original PSE-FIFA, C++ bian 譯 , Internal report see note exam solutions Are eligible to participate test...

Sitema Solar OPENGL

Sistema Solar con OPENGL Bueno este es un código muy útil, tipo proyecto que simula un sistema planetario, dándole matices y movimiento, realizado en el curso Computación Gráfica I....

dll injection

dll injection   download is a very good example, also in this case the Internet looking for, don't know the exact Address...

dll Inyection Sample

Very usefull example of dll inyection written in C.  User-mode dll-based code injection class implementation   for 32-bit Windows (XP and above)    ...

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