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Fuzzy C means clustering algorithm

2015-03-25 04:31    By:ronger2130      View:431      Download:7

FCM Algorithm is an unsupervised learning method, select K As the number of clusters, N Samples were divided into K Class, and have greater similarity within classes, which have a smaller similarity between its Euclidean distance is used as a measure of similarity, that is, the smaller the distance...

Matlab Matlab

MATLAB training programs (k-means clustering)

2015-03-21 07:26    By:njwhat      View:134      Download:0

MATLAB training programs (k-means clustering) clustering algorithm, not a classification algorithm. Classification algorithm is a data and then determine the data belongs to the good of the class in any particular class of. clustering algorithm is for a bunch of raw data, and then through the algori...

Matlab Matlab

COP-kmeans constrained k-means clustering

2015-03-18 22:34    By:YING      View:74      Download:1

k-means algorithm and an improved K-means algorithm, which is based on pairwise constraints Cop-kmeans algorithms. The algorithm combines the Must-Link and Can not-Link constraints in these two types of data objects bound "supervision" to be divided....

Algorithm C

kmeans clustering algorithm

2015-03-18 22:32    By:Anks      View:81      Download:0

This projects describes simple demo of kmeans clustering algo in python with graph and table generated for the input...

process Python

Mahout Canopy&Kmeans clustering

2015-03-23 05:20    By:henry_14      View:116      Download:0

Mahout clustering example Canopy&Kmeans code Describes using the Mahout Canopy&Kmeans of rapid cluster analysis, simple and direct hands-on Directly on the code...

Algorithm Java

Written in MATLAB Kmeans clustering procedures

2015-03-16 20:34    By:youyouxue      View:49      Download:1

The code to use the RAND function to generate 150 1 to 5 , used the kmeans algorithm for classification; S Tep1 Select k -initial Center BN=round (n/k*RAND);% before the first random number in 1/K area NC=[x (BN,:), x (2*BN,:), x (3*bn,:), x (4*bn,:)];% initial cluster centers...

Matlab Matlab


2015-03-21 14:02    By:astroboylrx      View:68      Download:0

idl Mapping package, very practical from http://www.idlcoyote.com/...



2015-01-29 22:12    By:astroboylrx      View:28      Download:0

idl graphic package, very practical...


MATLAB k-means image classification codes

2015-03-23 04:43    By:cehuics      View:62      Download:1

K-means algorithm is the simplest kind of clustering algorithms. The purpose of the algorithm is to enable each sample and where the class mean squared error to a minimum (which is the evaluation of the evaluation criteria K-means clustering algorithm final results).The program is simple to operate,...

Matlab Matlab

kmeans clustering for segmenting

2015-02-21 08:05    By:behnam      View:26      Download:0

This code is written to implement kmeans clustering for segmenting any Gray or Color image. There is no requirement to mention the number of cluster for clustering.  IM - is input image to be clustered. LB - is labeled image (Clustered Image). CENTER - is array of cluster center...

Matlab Matlab

Matlab code for k_means

2015-03-22 05:09    By:hounitage      View:91      Download:2

Using matlab to write code to implement k_means clustering algorithm, here is the conduct two types of classification, this program is included with the main function, and contains data, this k_means program can be run directly....

Matlab Matlab

meanshift image clustering

2015-03-19 10:28    By:njwhat      View:64      Download:0

MATLAB training programs (meanshift image cluster) on this meanshift, can be used as target tracking, and can be used for image clustering. I've only implemented image clustering, of course, is prepared according to their own understanding of the program. As regards the target tracking is to be achi...

Matlab Matlab

Kmeans function

2015-01-10 04:05    By:njwhat      View:153      Download:0

K-means algorithm accepts parameters  k; prior input of n data objects are then divided into k clusters in order to make the access to the cluster to meet: high similarity of the object in the same cluster and less similarity between different objects in the cluster. Cluster similarity is the u...

Matlab Matlab

Kmeans algorithm

2015-01-07 20:07    By:toastjoqo      View:46      Download:0

K-means image segmentation, read full-color photographs, the output image after the region segmentation...

Image Processing Matlab

Improvement of genetic algorithm Fuzzy c-means clustering MATLAB source code

2015-03-28 04:57    By:njwhat      View:166      Download:1

Fuzzy c-means algorithm converges to a local minimum point, in order to overcome the problem, the application of genetic algorithm in Fuzzy c-means algorithm (FCM) optimization calculation, initial cluster centers obtained by genetic algorithm, and then using standard Fuzzy c-means clustering algori...

Matlab Matlab

K-means cluster

2015-03-24 05:20    By:challengr      View:91      Download:2

K-means cluster Using c++ to realize, we will study together the Exchange. Step 1. N data objects arbitrarily choose k objects as the initial cluster centers; Step 2. Loop Step 3 to Step 4 until each cluster is no longer changes; Step 3. Under each cluster...

Image Processing C++

Kmeans cluster

2015-03-18 12:43    By:chenglan      View:39      Download:1

This is a project in natural language process, it is one of  classic  clustering algorithms in data mining,the algorithms based on  distance,First choose k objects from n arbitrary data objects as the initial clustering center; for the left objects, according to  th...

Java Development Java

K-means clustering algorithm based on a distance function that divided the data into k clusters

2015-03-21 21:40    By:奋起的乌鸦      View:95      Download:0

K-means clustering was the most famous of the partition algorithm, due to the simplicity and efficiency make him all the clustering algorithm is the most widely used. Given a collection of data points and needs of the cluster number specified by the user k,k, k-means algorithm based on a distance fu...

Matlab Matlab

K-means clustering algorithm (MATLAB)

2015-03-25 06:07    By:njwhat      View:317      Download:5

Recent study pattern recognition and image processing, collect some MATLAB source code, share them, and also hope to make friends with common interests. K-means clustering method is divided into the following steps: first, initializing cluster centers 1, depending on the issue, based on experience f...

Matlab Matlab

K-means clustering MATLAB

2015-03-09 02:50    By:njwhat      View:102      Download:1

K-means clustering method is divided into the following steps: first, initializing cluster centers 1, depending on the issue, based on experience from the sample set c-an appropriate sample was selected as the initial cluster centers. 2, c before using samples as the initial cluster centers. 3, all...

Matlab Matlab
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