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GDI + programming source code library, includes all aspects of GDI + programming examples compile under VC 6 success...

GDI+ png picture PNG Transparency

DI+ 是 Windows XP A subsystem, it is mainly responsible for the display screen and print output device for information, it is a group by C++ Class implements the application programming interface. As its name suggests,GDI + is the previous version GDI 's successor, for compatibility reasons,Windows...

GDI+ Programming

hello This file about tutorial GDI+ Programming in C# and VB .NET Thanks...

Delphi GDI cool dog lyrics

Delphi uses GDI for simple cool dog lyrics effect, entering the GDI people have power. This fun exciting world open GDI! Shared learning progress! Sorry for this! GDI library to download address: After extraction, was used in the DELPHI IDE by add...


LhGDIalog is a powerful and compatible with a wide range of dialog components, it has the refined interface and friendly interface...

LhGDIalog pop-up problem solution

When previous studies JEECG, found that the rapid development platform uses lhGDIalog as a pop-up window solutionAfter thorough research and found JEECG and no good solution to the problem of multi-layered pop-up window, after analysis, found to be in the acquisition and lhGDIalog parent window itse...

GDIPlus program

GDI+ c # program that deserves careful study by CSharp; a good example of GDI + in c #! For children's shoes who had just started learning c #, is a good thing! &Nbsp;[GDIPlus program]...

Use GDI + to generate PDF

sharpPDF is easy-to-use c# library to generate PDF on the fly. It allows to save PDF files or get binary streams in output (for example, usable in ASP.NET). through the source code, and is familiar with the PDF specification and technical system of GDI+; the second is a simple implementation of own...

GDI+ synthesis example source code (1)

GDI + programming original code-savvy, single document prepared by the individual, presented as menus   can erase the screen, of which there are a number of threads that call, Notepad, calculator, paint, and other tool's shortcut menu, I hope to help you....

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