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Community finding algorithm GN algorithm

2015-11-19 21:25    By:ONLYYOU      View:46      Download:2

GN algorithm is a classic community discovery algorithm, which belongs to hierarchical clustering algorithm to split, initially, by Michelle Girvan and Mark Newman made. The basic idea is to delete the network constantly with respect to the maximum number of referrals (ege betweenness) side edges of...

Algorithm C++

Java implementation of GN algorithm

2015-11-23 06:50    By:1107346405@qq      View:142      Download:6

This is a classic divide societies, using GN algorithm thinking,  Basically started from yesterday to begin GN algorithm complexity of the network, the whole process involves extracting the adjacency matrix from the GML file data to achieve GN algorithm, calculation module degrees.  Read...

社团划分算法 Java

Java implementation of GN algorithm

2015-10-15 06:35    By:mincase      View:57      Download:1

GN JAVA implementation of the algorithm, you need to install the Graphviz2.38 can directly generate images, if not, please modify the code accordingly....

算法 Java

CryptophOne SP

2015-10-02 15:55    By:KTECH      View:40      Download:0

CryptoPhOne code trunk for Windows Mobile (New Updates) Modified to build correctly; newest source code available. Can be ported to android; tested working on windows mobile 5.0 and 6.5. This code allows for secure GSM phOne calls on windows mobile, AES and Twofish encryption in real t...

Windows Phone Visual C++

Slope One algorithms

2015-11-17 20:57    By:yingyan      View:37      Download:1

Slope One algorithms, implemented in Java programming language, can be used for data mining and knowledge discovery, which also provides data sets for analysis....

Algorithm Java

Symbian music player source code

2014-11-21 05:52    By:chenjun0211      View:20      Download:0

Symbian S60 Player source code, for mobile projects, including local playback and network module. MVC framework for learning purposes....

Symbian C++

biRCH clustering algorithm, Java implementation

2015-10-18 12:35    By:jiajia333666      View:72      Download:1

According to birch's principle, implemented using Java specific, tested, the procedure is viable, hopes to have improved God enlighten me, also hopes to help, I am also from someOne else downloads...

Algorithm Java

SiGNalslot function callbacks

2014-12-18 12:55    By:richardlee      View:130      Download:0

C++ callback implementations, is not limited to static methods of a class QT-like implementations, bind and Unbind mechanism, a friend in need expansion Currently only supports a fixed number of parameters can be modified according to add...

Algorithm C++


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