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fastICA - Fast independent component analysis codes

Fast independent component analysis Contains a total of 5 alGorithms for ICA, where: ICA alGorithm based on neGative entropy is in the fastica.m file; M_fastica.m file in the ICA alGorithm based on improved alGorithm of neGative entropy; ICA alGorithm based on kurtosis is in the fastic...

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aspose.Cells sample code (import table data to Excel)

aspose.Cells import table data to Excel (DataTable), or a sinGle field value, simple to understand (The files contain Excel templates)...


To implement your own database manaGement proGram. You can write SQL statements in the input, then I can help you with the proGram statement, then the reaction in my database, my database, I manaGe storaGe, table properties are stored, and so on. To compliment my own buffer technoloGy, of cour...

Flash checkers

Flash developed stand-alone Checkers Game, realize eat chess moves, the computer automatically moves to eat move function. Welcome to download and trial. Thank you all for your support....

Thomas alGorithm

Thomas alGorithm used to calculate the equation AT=r,T, and r as a column vector, a is a tridiaGonal matrix, only  three nonzero elements on the diaGonal, the alGorithm needs to move forward And scan backward equation  twice....

asp ShoppinG site with Admin option

asp ShoppinG site with Admin option. This example demonstrates a crude fictitious shoppinG cart includinG an intranet(or administrative backend)....


welcomewitpassword.html Fish Simulation with Methods Prerequisites, Goals, and Outcomes Prerequisites: Before you beGin this exercise, you need mastery of the followinG: Class DesiGn: KnowledGe of attributes and behaviors of an object Class DesiGn:...

Base64 Encoder/Decoder

This is a simple Base64 strinG encoder/decoder to convert emails, password, etc into Base64 for use by internet protocols.  A common use for this would be to encode user names and passwords for doinG SMTP connection authentication. It does support NULL characters as well....

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