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Delphi Hook Lib x86/x64

2015-02-22 18:34    By:7xcode      View:236      Download:7

Universal Hook library. Support X86 and X64. Using open source BeaEngine disassemble engines. benefits of BeaEngine can be compiled with BCB into OMF format Obj, Were linked to Delphi's DCU and the destination file ... does not require additional DLL....

Hook Delphi

APIHook intercept CreateProcess function block to start the application

2015-02-15 08:15    By:joker11111      View:97      Download:2

Use APIHook intercept CreateProcess function to achieve the purpose of intercepting start the application. When you run a program, will pop up a message "CreateProcess". Prove that the application has been blocked....

Hook Delphi


2015-02-14 04:34    By:Sandy      View:66      Download:0



mouse.h in BubblesGame.rar

2015-02-24 03:08    By:Gulbanu      View:118      Download:1

this Game about mouse which is running from cats, it's Game so interesting, because each rounds of Game contains time..... it's really funny and so interesting Game only for you, yes yoou!!!!...

games C++

Getword development source code

2015-02-15 20:19    By:dragonxsl      View:29      Download:0

Sample code gets the text from the screen, VB, c #, C++, Delphi7 An example of using getword controls, it is very convenient to get the mouse on the text from the screen, can be used in many ways, Has great reference value, 。...

Windows C++

wordpress for Android

2015-02-05 01:26    By:freeworm      View:265      Download:1

wordPress for Android is an Open Source project, which means anyone can play a part in its development. wordPress for Android is released under the GNU General Public License. Both our app and our source code are free to download and use however you’d like. In return, if you are able, we...

Android Java


15 minutes ago    By:kaztorka      View:85      Download:0

welcomewitpassword.html Fish Simulation with Methods Prerequisites, Goals, and Outcomes Prerequisites: Before you begin this exercise, you need mastery of the following: Class Design: Knowledge of attributes and behaviors of an object Class Design:...

Java Development Java

Example of a box based on QT

2015-02-12 23:47    By:djm      View:39      Download:0

A study on the Qt examples, including Qt general development processes Qt Creator is a cross-platform Qt IDE,Qt after the Creator was bought by Nokia Qt launched a new lightweight The integrated development environment (IDE)。 This IDE can run cross-platform and support systems including...

Embeded C++

Realized by ApiHook print monitor

2014-12-21 12:45    By:hahaccl      View:28      Download:0

Realized by ApiHook print monitor, C++ is written is simple, for reference only, monitors print queues...


C # implementation of Hook mouse and keyboard source code

6 hours ago    By:风之子      View:832      Download:2

Global Hook, you can get Mouseover, Mouse Click, MouseDown Up, DoubleClick. Wheel, Press, keyboard KeyPress, keyDown, KeyUp...


Hook Android function routine

2015-01-12 22:13    By:roycyz      View:17      Download:1

For Hook character, change the character information display. For example, the output of all the android character w to p and so on. As a Hook in the Enlightenment tutorials android use. For Hook other functions, but also the application of similar methods. Just find function can Hook. Use requires...

Android Java

Conversion between Dword value and Float value

2015-01-22 12:45    By:bbfp      View:35      Download:0

Dword value with a Float value to convert, m-10 and m-16 numeric conversions. For help viewing data, Received 16 binary messages, and so on. Easy to operate, functional and practical....

software C++

BCB opreate word

2014-12-25 05:39    By:zzkk987      View:37      Download:0

Due to the BCB manipulate word documents less DLL created word here, and add content to dynamic, dynamic effect. BCB with Ole containers means word, completing the report.  Many applications of our own design, data output is often indispensable, allowing users to secondary treatment. The...

Document Borland C++ Builder

Listbox examples

2015-01-07 22:58    By:easydeng      View:28      Download:0

Detailed trial instance of Listbox, Listbox add options, and divided into three parts, you can add options for  moving back and forth, clear...

CSharp C#

Using MATLAB to generate word documents

2014-12-11 04:27    By:njwhat      View:44      Download:0

Calls the Server Microsoft word word text documentInserting a pictureComplete code...

Matlab Matlab

JSP calls the boxI print

2014-12-16 06:16    By:darkt      View:78      Download:0

Call boxI in the JSP interfaces, implementation BO report pages print. Code includes login BOE server gets the BOE directories and files under the directory ID. Using ID for the report. Setting report parameters, refresh the report, and print a report...


dropbox client for windows phone 8

2014-12-17 06:38    By:luckydiver      View:98      Download:0

A Windows Phone 8 application that helps youTake a pictureChoose a filenameStore it on dropbox All with minimal user interaction.Made purely for my own purposes. Code quality is pretty awful, but the thing works. If you're a MVVM nazi, this code will give you the shivers....

Windows C#

Evolution Games (The Game of Life) C++ program code

2015-03-03 21:47    By:supersaiyan      View:57      Download:0

A lot of lattice constant evolution the evolution of life on small Game. Its rules are as follows: for one of the grids, neighbors if it is less than two, then it would die of loneliness if more than three, it will be dead because of crowding. Only if its neighbour is equal to two or three days...

Other C++
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