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2015-11-17 10:59    By:max      View:78      Download:1

A face detection algorithm implementation, learning under the ARM and DSP friends can see ... ...  human_detect...

Matlab C

Guestbook code

2015-04-08 00:33    By:superrabbit      View:206712      Download:0

A JSP application achieve guest book Guest book admin management JavaBean,Taglib, technology For JSP beginner to learn to use...

Java Development Java

The human body contour vector

2015-11-16 18:29    By:husangen      View:27      Download:0

When refinement of the skeleton after vectorization, first from the chain code starting point and the direction of the point as a benchmark for tracking the chain code has been changed direction so far, and take the chain code change direction when inflection point as before; then this inflection po...

Windows C++

human Detect

2015-11-28 10:02    By:david      View:73      Download:1

Real-time image to read USB camera pedestrian detection using HOG algorithms, precision is very high, can reach speeds of 15 frames per second, is the rare good HOG learning materials....

计算机视觉 C++

Progressive Search Space Reduction for human Pose Estimation

2015-11-02 07:58    By:liangchengwu12      View:29      Download:0

articulated_human_pose_estimation_code/ Related Publications [1] Ferrari, V., Marin-Jimenez, M. and Zisserman, A. Progressive Search Space Reduction for human Pose Estimation Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (2008)  Bibtex source | Abstract |...

Image Editing Matlab

human Organ Classification System in Matlab

2015-06-30 04:25    By:yuvrajdeshmukh      View:10      Download:0

human Organ Classification System in Matlab: This project can classify human organs such as Lung, Liver, Heart, Brain etc.HOCS : first load the training data after that it can classify the organs...

Matlab Matlab

PHP human resources system

2015-11-24 01:05    By:cherish      View:179      Download:2

ThinkPHP installation place human_res--data in the system of human resources management database configuration under the data folder of the database user password set up...

Windows HTML/CSS

human motion tracking

2015-06-08 16:07    By:kimi      View:18      Download:1

It can detect human motion based on the use of Calman fitter. It dieerenciatemoving objects, but also human and non human....

Matlab Matlab

upper-body detector

2015-11-16 18:29    By:dijaben      View:28      Download:0

A Software for human upper body detection in still images. It is based on the successful part-based object detection framework  and contains a model to detect near-frontal upper-bodies. The resulting detector returns bounding-boxes fitting the head and upper half of the torso of the person....

Algorithm Matlab


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