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human Motion Tracking

this is a human motion tracking code ,writen by c++ ,editor is vs2008 , so you must open it by higher is one camera human motion tracking,so the efficey is very high ,but the accurary is relatively low.Thank you fordown load....

The human body contour vector

When refinement of the skeleton after vectorization, first from the chain code starting point and the direction of the point as a benchmark for tracking the chain code has been changed direction so far, and take the chain code change direction when inflection point as before; then this inflection po...

human Detect

Real-time image to read USB camera pedestrian detection using HOG algorithms, precision is very high, can reach speeds of 15 frames per second, is the rare good HOG learning materials....

Guestbook code

A JSP application achieve guest book Guest book admin management JavaBean,Taglib, technology For JSP beginner to learn to use...

human motion tracking

It can detect human motion based on the use of Calman fitter. It dieerenciatemoving objects, but also human and non human....

human Organ Classification System in Matlab

human Organ Classification System in Matlab: This project can classify human organs such as Lung, Liver, Heart, Brain etc.HOCS : first load the training data after that it can classify the organs...


A face detection algorithm implementation, learning under the ARM and DSP friends can see ... ...  human_detect...

human face location

At the time of face recognition, eye localization for face is very useful, very good program. Positioning easily calculates the distance between the eyes to the human eye, and so on...

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