radar signals analysis and processing USING MATLAB

2015-04-12 02:47    By:lixiaoyu702      View:365      Download:2

radar signals analysis and processing USING MATLAB. this is the MATLAB codes for the book of radar signals analysis and processing USING MATLAB...

Matlab Matlab


2015-04-08 01:02    By:Jan      View:154      Download:0

I'm doing my work on image analysis USING moments.Moment based approaches on images will enhanced its bahaviour compared to other functions.Here with i have attached some of my MATLAB CODINGs for your refrence.please put your responses as soon as possible....

Image Processing Matlab

LTE 3GPP channel modeling USING MATLAB

2015-04-16 12:16    By:wwbb      View:176      Download:2

LTE 3GPP channel modeling USING MATLAB. Generates the correlated tap coefficients of the MIMO tapped delay line % model to be used during one iteration of the main loop. The function % performs a double interpolation, first in the fading vector domain, % to collect the fading samples corres...

Communication Matlab


2015-04-17 01:07    By:sam      View:207      Download:3

Face RECOGNITION is one of the key areas under research. It has numerous of applications and uses.  Many methods and algorithms are put forward like, 3D facial RECOGNITION etc. Face RECOGNITION comes  under Biometric identification like iris, retina, finger prints etc. The feat...

Image Processing Matlab


2015-02-16 02:36    By:sido      View:42      Download:1

This program get a voice with MATLAB, then discrete that and do filtering, then get feature from that and classification with neural network and back propagation....

Voice Matlab


2015-04-07 08:46    By:kiran      View:144      Download:1

 Speech Verification software, or voice biometrics, is technology that relies on that fact that we all have a unique voice that identifies us. Speech verification software is most commonly used in security applications, such as gaining access to restricted areas of a building, or compu...

Windows Kernel Matlab

SLAM USING MATLAB for mobile robot

2015-04-08 17:01    By:redfires      View:142      Download:5

Professor Salvi provides third party MATLAB SLAM toolbox: MATLAB Toolbox of Kalman Filtering: applied to Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Vehicle moving in 1D, 2D and 3D...

Image Processing Matlab


11 hours ago    By:sido      View:103      Download:2

This program: Record your voice for 5 seconds Play back the recording Store data in double-precision array Plot the waveform Calculate over all the frames in the sample  LPF the speech at 900 Hz to remove upper freq. (since Pitch info. will be below 900 Hz)...

Voice Matlab

Speech Emotion Identification USING MATLAB

2015-04-15 03:17    By:wolflala23      View:146      Download:2

USING machine learning algorithms, speech emotion RECOGNITION through MATLAB, good results and recommend it to everyone....

Matlab Matlab

Calculating the shortest path USING MATLAB programming and site location

2015-04-16 22:57    By:njwhat      View:141      Download:0

Computing shortest paths USING MATLAB programming and site location 1, the shortest path problem in the shortest path between two specified points. For example, given a railway network that connects several towns, between two specified towns in this network, find a shortest railway line. 2, site-a s...

Matlab Matlab

The genetic algorithms for pattern RECOGNITION source MATLAB code with dataset

2015-04-15 04:48    By:iman      View:257      Download:1

The genetic algorithms for pattern RECOGNITION source MATLAB code with dataset. In this code, we use genetic algorithms for classification and pattern RECOGNITION....

Matlab Matlab

Handgesture Robotic movements USING MATLAB

2 hours ago    By:jijo      View:66      Download:1

Hai friends i am jijo jacob,                                  Currently i am working as Embedded Developer and i know 8051,PIC,ARM,PCB Designing,Xilinx,MATLAB etc if any have any doubts means you can ask to me. ...

Matlab C

USING MATLAB to realize finding shortest paths

2015-04-16 22:57    By:njwhat      View:102      Download:1

Shortest path problem algorithm the basic ideas and fundamental step in the method for solving the shortest path between nodes on the network map in currently recognized at home and abroad well Floyd algorithm and Dijkstra's algorithm. Both of these algorithms, the network to be abstracted to a defi...

Matlab Matlab

PSNR calculation of an image USING MATLAB

7 hours ago    By:Habib      View:187      Download:4

It can be used to calculate the PSNR of an original image and distorted or segmented or encrypted color image or Gray Image USING MATLAB. A step by guideline also provided in the source code....

Matlab Matlab

Elecronic Circuit component finder USING MATLAB

2015-04-01 06:00    By:kano      View:106      Download:2

This code find the circuit component like a resistor capacitor inductor. USING MATLAB code you can find this. Initial steps 1) Apply any component based hand made image. 2)Apply the my MATLAB code. 3)Your component will be extracted and how much component are available...

Matlab Matlab

1D static finite element analysis USING MATLAB

2015-03-03 00:27    By:wx72420      View:46      Download:0

This MATLAB program is for 1D static analysis. It is very useful for FEM beginners who wish to learn FEM USING MATLAB....

Matlab Matlab

Brain Tumour Detection USING MATLAB

2015-04-17 05:19    By:hariramcr      View:278      Download:9

This source code is for brain tumor detection USING MATLAB. All source codes and documentation are attached. A sample image is provided to illustrate the work. The work is a biomedical based application. The tumor in brain can be detected USING the code from an input sample image....

Matlab Matlab

code watermarking dct-svd USING MATLAB

8 hours ago    By:basz      View:169      Download:4

This is code MATLAB for watermarking USING combining discrete cosine transform and singular value decomposition, so text, file or image, embedding to digital image USING dct-svd, and then extract USING dct-svd too...

Matlab Matlab

Happy Birthday Song USING MATLAB

2015-04-10 03:22    By:akajackass      View:119      Download:0

Happy Birthday Song USING MATLAB...

Matlab Matlab


2015-04-10 05:20    By:QinChunlai      View:63      Download:0

USING MATLAB for MFCC extraction of speech signal Master step: 1、 Pre-emphasis Pre-emphasis is actually a high-pass filter, which Shun high-pass filter transfer function for:                < /c31> ...

Matlab Matlab

USING MATLAB to generate Excel documents

2015-03-29 09:43    By:njwhat      View:33      Download:0

USING Excel files <span style= "font-size:10.5pt;font-family:" color:#505050; " >Call the actxserver function to create a Microsoft Excel ServerNew Excel workbookGets a worksheet object handlesInsert, copy, delete, move and rename a worksheetPage SetupSelect the worksheet areaSe...

Matlab Matlab

Online Control of a Biped Robot USING MATLAB and Arduino

2015-04-03 04:30    By:Asiya      View:71      Download:0

The files are used to connect Arduino with MATLAB environment.  The Arduino controls the AX-12 motors of Bioloid Robot and MATLAB used to visualize the output of FSR sensors. The Simulink environment runs the s-function provided (sfunc_Bioloid). The user_function(); is lived for the user, it...

Matlab Matlab


2015-04-10 09:03    By:eng_mohammed      View:106      Download:1

This is a simple tutorial to understand fft algorithm USING MATLAB and this tutorial contain 1 Getting to Know the FFT 2 Review of Transforms 3 Understanding the DFT 4 MATLAB and the FFT 5 Spectrum Analysis with the FFT and MATLAB...

Matlab Matlab

Support Vector Machine without USING MATLAB functions

2015-03-19 10:15    By:Aishu      View:52      Download:3

Support Vector Machine without USING MATLAB functions such as svm train and svm classify... it helps the understand what really happens to the inputs when given to such functions......

Matlab Matlab

USING MATLAB genetic algorithm Toolbox for solving constrained optimization problems

2015-04-13 00:37    By:dumeng313      View:145      Download:1

USING MATLAB genetic algorithm Toolbox for solving constrained optimization problems The objective function simple_fitness.m Constrained boundary condition function simple_constraint.m Main program main.m...

Matlab Matlab

Detect red colour of an retinal image USING MATLAB

2015-03-14 04:47    By:naz      View:50      Download:3

Retinal diseases like glacouma , diabetic retinopathy are a major cause for poor vision therefore these diseases should be detected in the early stage. The main objective is to determine the redness of the eye. This can be implemented USING MATLAB. The colour detection algorithm  is mainly used...

Matlab Matlab

SVM classification code written USING MATLAB

2015-04-13 15:47    By:凌凌风情      View:250      Download:6

SVM source code USING MATLAB, can be used for data feature extraction and classification. USING SVM function, data type and parameters can be modified as per your requirement. ...

Matlab Matlab

[Tutorial] the "original" confidence USING MATLAB

2014-11-12 08:15    By:njwhat      View:17      Download:0

Statistics will always be seeking confidence intervals, confidence regions (such as confidence ellipses, confidence ellipsoid), sometimes need to draw confidence regions, so look see more intuitive, self function is called ConfidenceRegion with specific cases described below draw confidence regions....

Matlab Matlab


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