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2015-10-08 23:12    By:ballackscholl      View:43      Download:0

Webpy  by Daniel warts develop Python web framewoRK support for FCGI SCGI WSGI HTTP server interfaces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Web Framework Python

WebBox netwoRK box

2015-05-02 05:07    By:helloworld      View:23      Download:0

c # Realize the tab, page interface, using win32 luminous fonts, you can enable aeroglass effect, the aero extended to the whole software.  Realized the irregular form, you can customize the content of each page is. You can freely switch themes, more beautiful interface....

Windows C#

Meridian _ WinSock netwoRK programming source code

2015-11-17 01:42    By:中促成      View:55      Download:0

WinSock netwoRK programming _ source is easier for beginners to learn to use Meridian communications over a variety of netwoRK types are described in detail WinSock netwoRK programming channels _ source is easier for beginners to learn to use detailed communications over a variety of netwoRK...

Windows C++

Error probabilities of orthogonal signalling and routing and wavelength assignment for WDM netwoRK

2015-11-26 07:46    By:kalai      View:161      Download:1

This coding may help to understand about orthogonal signalling and it can be determined using matlab and and RWA algorithm for WDM netwoRK can be performed using matlab code...

Matlab Matlab

Java Web framewoRK for SSH news retrieval system developed

2015-11-21 02:09    By:wangoldyan      View:123      Download:3

This small project is using the SSH Java Web framewoRK, developed by the small news retrieval system, news from China using HTMLParser news crawls content on the Internet, and its title release dates, and store it to a local MySQL database. Then use Word to use Lucene search....

Java Development Java

jprowler (java probabilistic wireless netwoRK simulator)

2015-05-24 11:47    By:rockerscode      View:56      Download:3

this simulator will help to generate wireless sensor netwoRK in easy way using java and it uses probability for generating simulation ...

Java Development Java

Winner permission management system for next-generation Web application development tool

2015-11-19 00:30    By:一跃而过      View:1188      Download:0

Function introduction Winner permission management system (also known as: Victor permission management system) is a Web based system developed on PHP+Mysql, the system built-in user management, group management, Department management, and the system is also able to be opened subsidiaries, w...

Web Framework PHP

Ruby On Rails framewoRK classes Twitter page

2015-08-29 00:39    By:sgy657374703      View:66      Download:0

Social netwoRKing source Twitter-like interface, suitable for first-time Ruby watch. View the interface in localhost:3000 under the rails server.                          &nbs...

Web Framework Ruby

WoRKflow myflow

2015-11-26 20:42    By:xtgss007      View:172      Download:3

The woRKflow engine, written with phael, in IE10 but there are compatibility issues...

Web Framework JavaScript

A refined weibo

2015-01-08 06:38    By:princhenee      View:21      Download:0

HOW TO INSTALL DEMO 1. download the source code from GitHub: 2. install the Transwarp Mini weibo use Transwarp framewoRK, download the Transwarp source code from GitHub:

Web Framework Python


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