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BASCOM RGB Controller for WS2812 LED and Remote Controll

2015-11-21 19:55    By:Killerawft      View:157      Download:2

This is a complete Firmware in Basic for AVR for a RGB Controller controlled by a Remote Controll (Like This:  The WS2812 LED's are controlled by Soft SPI. You have to...

RGB Controller Others

RGB suitable for beginners

2015-11-11 22:49    By:w10800337      View:29      Download:1

Factory testing using RGB, this is my first contact with the program writes, suitable for beginners, good things to share with everyone ....


LED RGB dimmer control PIC16F737

2015-11-25 01:39    By:chlxs      View:140      Download:0

Tri-phosphor RGB control PIC16F737 monolithic, three PWM signal output. Into the RF remote control. Remote control main functions are: A button: short-time, static color choices, each time you press the switch a color; long pressed for 3 seconds, lamp off. B button: brightness +. C button...


Controle de led RGB com PWM

2015-09-18 21:06    By:krcarlosm      View:42      Download:1

This program make the control of LED's RGB with PWM signal on 3 pins.The effect of this program is like a fading...

Arm C

allegro alignment Widget

2015-09-07 04:28    By:bluroot      View:11      Download:0

allegro Layout for the use of their peers do, using a variety of Skill Development and earth gadget will undoubtedly increase drafting productivity, which offers an alignment tool, install and use the method in the compression bag with instructions, welcome use....

Other C++

RGB yuv420

2015-10-21 20:53    By:boatraining      View:103      Download:0

Makefile projects, uses table look-up method to transform RGB for yuv420 data, you can generate a RGB YUV turn static libraries, can be directly integrated into the project. YUV data is saved as a file that is generated, if you want further transformation of the YUV files can be read directly....

Algorithm C

Converts 24-bit map format is 16-bit bitmap format of the source code, including the format and RGB565 RGB555 format.

2015-11-11 08:39    By:shaoyan_lingli      View:508      Download:0

Source code is written entirely by me and tested to ensure that available.  You can convert 24 to 16 bitmap format bitmap format.  Enter the picture for 24-bit bitmap format, the output file format can be 16-bit map format.  The output format can be RGB555, RGB565 format can also b...

Image Processing C++

RGB to HSI conversion

2015-05-23 22:49    By:waqas      View:47      Download:1

RGB to HSI (HUE, Saturation, intensity) conversion code implemented in matlab Convert RGB to HSI for printing the images...

Matlab Matlab

MFC status bar uses RGB image color value extraction C++ source code

2015-11-23 03:56    By:lanyin2013      View:41      Download:0

Based on VC6.0 environment, using MFC single document application, practice usage status bar.Move the mouse to display color images at the pixel RGB values and coordinate values in the status bar...



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