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sIMUlation ofdm on matlab

2015-11-08 17:28    By:fhaydos      View:72      Download:1

sIMUlation ofdm matlab orthogonal frequency Une description détaillée des OFDM sIMUlation de codage, vous pouvez exécuter, télécharger la machine ne le regrette jamais!...

Matlab Matlab

SIMUlated annealing algorithm matlab code

2015-11-24 21:36    By:gogoing      View:222      Download:2

Realization of sIMUlated annealing algorithm matlab program program function extremum (modified after a reference, thanks to ARMYLAU) Using the sIMUlated annealing method to evaluate the function f (x, y) = 3*COS (XY) + x + y2 minIMUm value The solution: according to the meaning, we design the coo...

Matlab Matlab

Communication system sIMUlation based on matlab-the code

2015-11-20 17:14    By:njwhat      View:275      Download:3

matlab-based communication systems sIMUlation through a lot of matlab, SIMUlink sIMUlation example, to deepen the readers understanding of the principles of communication. "matlab based communication system sIMUlation," a total of six chapters, including digital transmission matlab languag...

Matlab Matlab

Dual-tree complex wavelet image fusion matlab source code

2015-11-23 21:52    By:zdmwww      View:144      Download:0

Use of dual-tree complex Wavelet transform for image fusion matlab source code, tools of dual-tree complex Wavelet coefficients can be applied to other areas....

Matlab小波分析 Matlab

Heat diffusion matlab

2015-10-27 16:08    By:minho      View:39      Download:0

Heat diffusion is a physical phenomenon. In a medium,heat always flows from a position with high temperature to a position with low temperature.Recently heat diffusion-based approaches have been successfully appliedin various domains such as classification anddimensionality reduction problems...

Matlab Matlab

dsb-sc(am) on sIMUlink library of matlab

2014-12-16 13:12    By:jju      View:51      Download:0

dsb-sc(am) on sIMUlink libraryopen DSBSC_AM.mdl file and check the sIMUlation stop timeand run the fileyou can check spectrum when spectrum analyzer(you can delete it)...

Matlab Matlab


2015-11-13 06:39    By:zongganhuo      View:108      Download:2

GPS tracking matlab sIMUlation software to receive a code good utility code An algorithm for sIMUlation...

Matlab Scratch

GPS / INS position combined output correction matlab sIMUlation

2015-11-19 05:55    By:000      View:135      Download:6

GPS / INS position combined output correction matlab sIMUlation  File Description:  s_GPS_INS_position_sp_demo.m combination master file  kalman_GPS_INS_position_sp_NFb.m Kalman filtering program  ode500.mat aircraft flight path with the INS output data  The three f...

Matlab C++

SIMUlation of GPS system (capture + tracking + analysis)

2015-10-06 21:37    By:619009706      View:74      Download:4

GPS systems using matlab sIMUlation by generating local PN code and carrier, and tracking using frequency-domain, frequency-locked-for-and phase-locked loop, satellite acquisition, tracking, and analysis of a variety of functions;...

Matlab Matlab

Diffusion Equation matlab

2015-10-22 04:05    By:sxpsxp007      View:154      Download:4

There are two examples to solve diffusion equation in matlab. One example is for one dimensional diffusion equation and the other example is for two dimensional equation. The animations of the diffusion processes in one dimensional and two dimensional cases are plotted and displayed during calc...

Matlab Matlab


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