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IOS SQLite databases in the data connection

Through conversion of Firefox SQLite database reads the data in the sqlit Code in XCode you can copy several parameters can be modified directly using the!...

IOS Control Catalogs

Its a small IOS application demonstrating how to use different IOS controls like Buttons, Rounded Buttons, Buttons with Image, Detail Buttons, Switch Controls, Slider Controls, Customize Slider Control, Stepper Control, Text Fields, Search Bar, Pickers Control, Date Picker Control, Custom Picker Con...

IOS+7+iPhone+iPad application development technology details

Directory Objective 1.2.3 The relationship framework and Code / 22 1.3 To form a development environment based on non-Mac platforms / 23 1.3.1 Preparation / 23 1.3.2 Created for the installation Mac OS X 的 VMWare 虚拟机...

IOS8 compiled ffmpeg library

XCode6.0.1,IOS8sdk, compiled ffmpeg library, you can compile armv7,armv7s,arm64, Simulator to find a lot of information is not compiled, without updating the SDK and XCode, you can modify the. sh files SDK_VERSION and change the SDK version, and I is I is a compilation of these three platforms, sepa...

IOS exploitation pictures in your download cache class library

Contains the URL from the specified download pictures Picture cache, and so on all packaged for ease of...

IOS development dropdown Refresh control

Coupled with low coupled with a few Code custom TableView dropdown Refresh control Friendly interface...

LeetCode the reference source Code (Java)

Java implementation of leetCode part of the topic, and does not contain all of the 152 questions, only 44, the need for brushes algorithm problems, and prepare written interviews are still useful, especially foreign companies. Brush problem Web site

LeetCode the reference source Code (C++)

LeetCode topics in C++ implementation, contains all of the 152 questions that need brushes algorithm problems, and prepare written interviews are still useful, especially foreign companies. Brush problem Web site

IOS draw diagram

Can be dynamically draw diagram source Code, the Code simple, high efficiency, draw a sine curve analysis using dynamic Code, please try if you need...

Realization of IOS sudoko

IOS sudoko implementations, you can add a new project and automatically added after the last can be moved across the screen....

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