pdf417 national standard

2015-02-27 03:27    By:tmh138      View:55      Download:0

pdf417 two dimensional barcode is a stacked two-dimensional bar code, currently the most widely used. pdf417 barcode is by United States SYMBOL companies invented by pdf (Portable Data File) means "portable data file." Composition each barcode a barcode character consists of a total of 4 bars...

book PDF

pdf and excel genarator

2014-11-20 13:52    By:KOUSIK      View:21      Download:0

Hi,This application will take input through different systems. The inputswill be in form of alphanumeric data.The pdf and excel reports that we need from the input data are:1. Number of data input in a particular system with respect to time &date specified2. The real time status of a particular...

Java Development Java

PUTDOOF - An Outlook to pdf exporter using ITextSharp

2015-02-09 20:56    By:grizzlybeaver      View:61      Download:0

This code will allow you to export all of the messages in Outlook into pdfs, it creates a folder for each message and saves all attachments to that folder along with the pdf....

CSharp C#

pdf Creator

2015-04-17 02:47    By:qhonge      View:48      Download:0

The greate pdf Creator version 1.7.1, this is the last version source code for pdfcreator. Hope it's your needs....

Windows VB

WPF pdf viewer

2014-12-19 17:01    By:blueware      View:42      Download:0

Introduction:In this project Adobe pdf Reader COM Component is used and wrapped as WPF control. Background:WPF/C# has no built-in control/library to support pdf, this project demonstrate how to view pdf document easily in WPF. ...

Windows C#

Save and Retrieve pdf file to and from mysql database.

2014-12-07 22:18    By:Frederick      View:12      Download:0

First Client convert pdf file into binary  and save this into sql database by uploading through appache server. Second Client  retrieve the binary from appache for viewing through pdf viewer....

Java Development Java

Inverse-Wishart pdf

2015-03-21 04:53    By:linjianjiyue      View:23      Download:0

Provides pdf is the probability density function of the inverse Wishart distribution, this is the MATLAB does not have, is commonly used in statistics, parameter is the variable x is a p*p matrix, and d, also p*p matrix, and the degrees of freedom parameter v...

Matlab Matlab

pdf417, QR code encoding platform VC++

2015-03-18 11:34    By:qingxie      View:55      Download:0

pdf417, QR code encoding platform for VC++ at this time the original PSE-FIFA was right. Welcome to download and try. Thank you all for your support!...

Image Processing C++

ISO15693RFID Protocol and test code

2015-04-15 11:26    By:wpneu      View:112      Download:1

RC632 controller, ISO1443A/1443B/15693 Protocol card read/write code, test code that includes the underlying protocol communication and upper, you can directly reference to real-world projects. Including homing card, card reader and other commonly used code. Code is tested, it can be used normally....

Embeded C

Use GDI + to generate pdf

2014-12-19 17:02    By:zhwrxw      View:17      Download:0

sharppdf is easy-to-use c# library to generate pdf on the fly. It allows to save pdf files or get binary streams in output (for example, usable in ASP.NET). through the source code, and is familiar with the pdf specification and technical system of GDI+; the second is a simple implementation of own...

Windows C#

pdf reader code in android

2015-03-14 03:49    By:hcjhahaha      View:57      Download:0

These codes were developed for android to open and read the pdf documents. These codes were developed for android to open and read the pdf documents. These codes were developed for android to open and read the pdf documents. These codes were developed for android to open and read...

Java Development Java

Windows core programming 5th edition (pdf) and the Source

2015-04-09 23:09    By:nk_sl      View:149      Download:0

Windows core programming 5th edition (pdf) and the Source .windows core programming is to explain the internal mechanisms of the Windows operating system, a monograph. Starting from the basic concept of a comprehensive and systematic introduction to the Windows underlying implementation mechanisms,...

Windows Kernel C++

bluetooth 4.0 practical example version 2 in pdf

2015-02-05 23:13    By:cnc2020      View:35      Download:1

bluetooth 4.0 practical example version 2 in pdf, it is good for bluetooth starter, hope usesfull...

Document PDF

DirectShow Development Guide, pdf books and source code

2015-04-03 06:57    By:waangyan      View:160      Download:0

Lu Qiming, DirectShow development guide. Including pdf books as well as the original attached source code. A certain foundation in personal opinion, this book is suitable for readers reference....

DirectShow C++

C # Learning pdf

2014-12-03 03:34    By:NOCTIC      View:14      Download:0

. NET supporting many kinds of Userboxes/Programming, veneered. NET Framework predict design support: -Visual Basic 2010 -Visual C++ 2010 -Visual c # 2010 (# read sharp) c # 2010 uprated 針 right in. NET Framework PagedDataSource ying of program design on Userboxes/Programming your grammar cla...

book C#

MATLAB neural network analysis of 30 case _ the book [pdf]+ source code package download

2015-04-11 02:34    By:lyt1127      View:62949      Download:7

Neural network analysis of 30 case <<MATLAB >> book [pdf]+ source code package download...

Matlab Matlab

ssh architecture pdf

2015-02-03 23:08    By:yyyezm@126.com      View:33      Download:0

This is a learning Java ssh architecture provides a good learning tool, it contains the struts spring and other architecture analysis and case...

Java Development Java

MODBUS communication C source code

2015-04-17 04:18    By:spwongks      View:338      Download:4

This is the C source code of MODBUS communication. ...

modbus C

Doing Business With Paypal.pdf

2014-11-20 13:53    By:wentie126      View:12      Download:0

[YES] Can be packaged with other products [YES] Can be offered as a bonus [YES] Can be edited completely and your name put on it [YES] Can be added to an e-course or autoresponder [YES] Can be added to membership sites [YES] Can sell Resale Rights [YES] Can sell Master Resale Rights [NO] Can...

Windows Phone D

PID control pdf

2015-04-10 05:03    By:nick      View:27      Download:0

A proportional-integral-derivative controller (PID controller) is a generic control loop feedback mechanism (controller) widely used in industrial control systems. A PID controller calculates an "error" value as the difference between a measured process variable&nb...

Embeded C

MT 4080 manual cn.pdf

2015-01-19 08:12    By:macharith      View:21      Download:0

The manual of MoTech 4080 in chinease version. Taiwan LCR meter....

Document PDF

ISOdata thresholding for converting image into binary image

2014-12-24 13:19    By:sujitha      View:23      Download:0

Segmentation is can be performed through many process here we use ISOdata thresholding..in ISOdata thresholding it will convert gray scale image into binary image.here i use this to detect tumor from liver image...

Matlab Matlab


2015-04-15 05:31    By:huuquang      View:37      Download:2


Matlab Matlab

ISO7816 smart card English version of agreement

2015-03-17 04:33    By:16796      View:27      Download:1

This is the English version of ISO7816 smartcard communication protocol that defines the physical structure and terms of use, return status...

Document Word

AnISOtropic diffusion algorithm (P. Perona and J. Malik.)

2015-04-02 08:54    By:khai.ng      View:39      Download:0

This is the implementation of AnISOtropic diffusion algorithm by P.Perona and J.Malik. This algorithm aims to reduce speckle noise while preserving the edge....

Image Processing Matlab

SupervISOry control based on fuzzy logic for nonlinear systems

2015-04-14 17:39    By:jevad      View:22      Download:0

In this project we want to design and simulation the supervISOry controller for any system. in the other  word with use the logic fuzzy we could to have the best tracking...

Matlab Matlab

Adaptive ultrasound images based on anISOtropic

2015-04-11 03:42    By:a545237988      View:32      Download:0

Completed enhancement method based on anISOtropic adaptive ultrasound image denoising and edge...

Matlab Matlab


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