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Visual basic file data base

This is a Visual basic program to load a file data base. You can use Visual Basic to JtTite projects that display and update the data from databases. Visual Basic uses ADO.NET, which is the next generation of database technology. following Microsoft's previous version called ActiveX Data O...

Visual C++OPC Client instance

Source code is based on the example C++ OPC client development program. OPC(OLE for Process Control) Is based on Microsoft 的 OLE ( now Active) 、 COM ( component object model ) 和 DCOM ( distributed component object model ) Technical features required by the development of the user interf...

Visual Fortran common sets of numerical algorithms and source code

Visual Fortran common set of numerical algorithms and source code He guangwei Yu, Gao Yongli (Author) Nearly 200 total of Fortran subroutines, contain a variety of algorithms. Procedures are validated....

Visual + senior C++ network programming examples source code

Senior Visual c++ network programming guide, instruct you how to use networking technologies, network communication, which contains a detailed comments and code examples, easy to understand language to describe procedures for network programming, allowing readers to benefit from!...

VisualC digital imaging technology uses

About VisualC digital image processing books, good books, online stock, explains pretreatment, feature extraction, identification, Tracking, and so on. Hope can help you....

Incremental Learning for Robust Visual Tracking

In this project we make use of the new appearance information that comes available during Tracking to Incrementally improve a subspace appearance model of the target. The key to this algorithm is a novel Incremental algorithm for PCA, allowing for efficient subspace updates....

Visual Basic 6.0 application programming in 150 cases

"Visual Basic 6.0 application programming 150 cases" in the "Example095- media file browser" and "Example096- playlists media file" requires Windows Media Player 9.0's support during the operation, the reader install it yourself.Example001- hang-upsExample002- transluce...

Incremental Learning for Robust Visual Tracking

Most algorithms for Tracking objects in video consist of two components: a model of the dynamics of the object being tracked, and a model of its appearance. Often the appearance model is constructed before Tracking, perhaps from training images, and then used as-i...

Visual Studio 2010 UDP Connection Example

Ethernet UDP connection C# Example Code. Welcome to download and try. Thank you for your support....

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