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Introduction to neural network in java

Introduction to neural network in java. Several samples to show how to simulate neural networks and resolve classic problems with this approach....

Introduction to MFC calculator

Introduction to MFC Calculator program is relatively simple, but for the first learning c MFC programmers, can get started quickly, you can read on the basis of trying to program...

Introduction to Markov Random Fields

This book is  a Introduction to Markov Random Fields。It is useful for you learning markov random field。 you can ues it for make the segments to the images。...

Algorithms, Initializations, and Convergence for the Nonnegative Matrix Factorization

It is well-known that good initializations can improve the speed and accuracy of the solutions of many nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF) Algorithms [56]. Many NMF Algorithms are sensitive with respect to the initialization of W or H or both. This is especially true of Algorithms of the alter...

Introduction to DICOM example

Introduction to DICOM c # examples, open a DICOM file, or viewing DICOM tags file, the extraordinary entry source code....

Introduction to NS2

NS2 is an open-source event-driven simulator designed specifically for research in computer communication networks. Since its inception in 1989, NS2 has continuously gained tremendous interest from industry, academia, and government. Having been under constant investigation and enhanc...

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