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Java development graduate-student management system

This code implements all the features of student management, done by me and my team to cooperate fully, that this is not enough, please? Don't want to talk too much, anyway, who knows who. Oh, really good...

Javaweb development information

Null Java Web for design! this helps you write a lot of code, to come up with enough words, I was just something to go, although the word was wrong and think it is OK, if you download phone pay attention, Hey! NN, enough for 50 children, right? Administrators also need to delete posts? Without such...

Top 15 books that java developer must have read

Top 15 books that java engineer must have read. 一、Java编程入门类 Java编程思想 Agile Java 二、Java编程进阶类 ..........

Java development in Russia box games

Russia blocks the basic rules:1, a plane used to place small squares of virtual site, the standard sizes:Line width is 10, liegao 20, in each little square units.2, a group made up of 4 smaller squares rule graphics, called Tetromino,Zhongwentong is called total 7 kinds of diamonds, respectively, s,...

Simple interface to Java development student management system

1 to complete the login screen2, complete the student information deletion to change check3, adding a paging query features...

Java development project

This is a SSH+Oracle-based EXCEL export project development, including database, as long as items added, database Oracle database is created, you can run perfectly. Hope I can help you, I hope you will upload some more Java Web resources. Thank you!...

Online Edition of Tank battle game developed using Java

Web Edition TankWar 1. modifications to the stand-alone TankWar 2. added network versus feature Modifications to the stand-alone TankWar Modifications to the Tank class: (1) the Boolean member variable of good to distinguish between friend or foe identification instead of int groupID (0-3,-1 ro...

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