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Java Development project

8 hours ago    By:pengpeng      View:182      Download:0

This is a SSH+Oracle-based EXCEL export project Development, including database, as long as items added, database Oracle database is created, you can run perfectly. Hope I can help you, I hope you will upload some more Java Web resources. Thank you!...

Java Development Java

Top 15 books that Java Developer must have read

2014-12-17 09:42    By:bxlsky      View:63      Download:0

Top 15 books that Java engineer must have read. 一、Java编程入门类 Java编程思想 Agile Java 二、Java编程进阶类 ..........

Java Development Java

P2P based on Java Development source code

2014-12-16 11:06    By:opopobanana      View:119      Download:1

P2P based on Java's source code, there are source codes...

Java Development Java

Hangman games, Java Development

9 hours ago    By:穆思蕾      View:64      Download:0

This is a Hagman Small game. The whole game is based on Java Development, has a very good interface. Containing the source code, and a couple of bags. Interface of the game is a traditional game interface....

Java Development Java

Java Development graduate-student management system

2014-12-16 07:15    By:大木马      View:58      Download:0

This code implements all the features of student management, done by me and my team to cooperate fully, that this is not enough, please? Don't want to talk too much, anyway, who knows who. Oh, really good...

Java Development Java

Ant.jar for Java Development

2014-12-16 12:32    By:ransc      View:29      Download:0

Run Ant jar package Can be configured with a MANFEST.MF file to do this. Ant configurations are as follows: <target name="build.jar"> <echo> build.jar task. </echo> <jar basedir="${project.classes.dir}" destfile="${jar.n...

Java Development Java

Javaweb Development information

2014-12-11 06:20    By:second_hand      View:63      Download:0

Null Java Web for design! this helps you write a lot of code, to come up with enough words, I was just something to go, although the word was wrong and think it is OK, if you download phone pay attention, Hey! NN, enough for 50 children, right? Administrators also need to delete posts? Without such...

GUI Java

Wechat public platform Java Development

15 hours ago    By:anka      View:212      Download:0

After logging app official platform, turn on Developer mode, at this time we need to fill in the URL and token, the so-called URL is our own server interfaces, implemented with WechatServlet.Java, the corresponding Web.XML configuration information as follows in the generated WechatServlet.Java at t...

chat Java

Design and implementation of Java-based online shopping network

15 hours ago    By:lnsoftware      View:161      Download:1

This is a shopping system based on Java Development, you can implement reports available for purchase at the front desk, background on product and order management system...

Java Development Java

Enterprise communication system based on Java source code

2014-12-17 19:08    By:lnsoftware      View:57      Download:0

This is an internal communication system based on Java Development, you can implement internal communications between staff, including email traffic and SMS traffic...

Java Development JSP

Java 3D source code

2014-12-13 06:54    By:longke999      View:83      Download:3

Introduction to Java the best examples, include a variety of basic graph plan, requires Java3D Development environment, the code concise and efficient, if they can read the helpful for Java3D technology introduction...

Java Development Java

Java communication based on TCP

2014-12-08 23:09    By:xuehao822      View:31      Download:0

Java Development programs with interfaces, you can transfer files and strings. Do not use network framework. Is just finish learning Java, write something out of hand, said more than two years have not improved that much....

Java Development Java

Java HR management system based on MVC model

11 hours ago    By:snow      View:151      Download:0

Java-based personnel management system MVC model, mainly the following functions 1. 2. Position Management Sector Management 3. Entry Management 4. Management 5. probation department job mobility management mobility management 6. 7. 8. Employee Turnover manage employee information center 9. report M...

Java Development JSP

Trading Java Application

9 hours ago    By:bd123456      View:20      Download:0

It's gaming code. I have Developed this program for my own to get an idea about online trading. From this project, one can jave basic idea about how to create simple application on Java. Moreover, ...

Java Development Java

Message-oriented middleware based on Java, support Java,PHP client calls

2014-12-12 10:23    By:changjh      View:348      Download:0

Within an enterprise, involving the transmission of data between the different business, real time may cause blocking This middleware in order to solve this problem of lightweight products. When operational the transmission when it is not busy is real time effects, when the receiver is connec...

Java Development Java

Content management written in Java

2014-12-11 05:51    By:qpqp      View:60      Download:0

Worth seeing is the content management system written in Java and based on JavaEE5 plugin technology, Web content management software targeting high-end users, set content plans, content creation, content editing, content audits, template-based content publishing capabilities all in one, and provide...

Java Development Java

Java serial port communication

2014-12-06 23:49    By:whadz      View:34      Download:0

Java serial port communication programs, including reading and writing program, available in single-chip microcomputer serial communication or other, Java-based serial communication is relatively small, this extremely has the reference value for Developers, code given here, hoping to play a role in...

Java Development Java

JPCAP-Java Data link layer control

2014-12-17 23:05    By:herui125      View:72      Download:0

The whole structure of JPCAP with wincap/libpcap is generally very similar, such as the NetworkInterface  class corresponding to the WINCAP typedef struct_ADAPTER ADAPTER getDeviceList (pcap_findalldevs)  corresponding to () etc..JPCAP actually is not a real to realize to contr...

Java Development Java

Commonly used Java programming examples

2014-12-08 04:33    By:congxiangxiang      View:43      Download:0

Java good learning examples, examples include inserting records, query the database, creating and executing a thread, introduced the  Java application, Java applet are introduced, creating tables, taking the column names in the table, delete the table, delete the record change records, student...

Java Development Java

Java version of the letter public platform

2014-11-28 14:18    By:lantaimin      View:18      Download:0

Java implementation and micro public docking platform, calls, jokes, weather, lottery, numbers belonging to query interface, remembers when the deployment project and micro-letters butt token, the project default is: LTM. URL: your domain name/project name/weixinServlet...

Java Development Java
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