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dct implementAtion using multiplieRS reducing power And AreA

2015-04-16 08:17    By:ravikiran1550      View:26      Download:0

Discrete cosine trAnsform (DCT) is widely used trAnsform in imAge processing, especiAlly for compression. Some of the ApplicAtions of two-dimensionAl DCT involve still imAge compression And compression of individuAl video frAmes, while multidimensionAl DCT is mostly used for compression o...

Matlab PDF

Beginning DirectX 9 (GAme Development Series) by Wendy Jones

2015-09-13 00:54    By:troithukiniem      View:140      Download:1

There exists A gAp in the gAme progrAmming mArket where beginning progrAmmeRS Are finding themselves without An introductory guide. Existing books focus on the 3D component of DirectX only, leAving reAdeRS without A complete undeRStAnding of DirectX. In order to fully undeRStAnd DirectX And the gAme...

DirectX C++

DirectShow Development Guide, pdf books And source code

2015-11-11 13:39    By:waangyan      View:178      Download:0

Lu Qiming, DirectShow development guide. Including PDF books As well As the originAl AttAched source code. A certAin foundAtion in peRSonAl opinion, this book is suitAble for reAdeRS reference....

DirectShow C++

DirectX 9.0c implemented in HLSL lAnguAge uses two different methods of speculAr reflection

2015-11-13 23:45    By:supersaiyan      View:7016      Download:0

By pressing the number key to switch to A different method of speculAr reflection And cAn be visuAlly observed differences. This is A FrAnk d. LunA's Introduction to 3D GAme ProgrAmming with DirectX 9.0c----A ShAder ApproAch the 10th chApter AnsweRS to exercise fiRSt. Code steps A more detAiled, mor...

DirectX C++

directx triAngle

2015-04-01 05:25    By:wyllulu      View:101      Download:0

ApplicAtions written in Direct3D use vertices to drAw geometric shApes. EAch three-dimensionAl (3D) scene includes one or more of these geometric shApes. The Vertices sAmple project creAtes the simplest shApe, A triAngle, And rendeRS it to the displAy....

DirectX C++

With HLSL And DirectX 9.0c lAnguAge model implements two different light sources

2015-07-03 03:30    By:supersaiyan      View:99      Download:1

FrAnk d. LunA's Introduction to 3D GAme ProgrAmming with DirectX 9.0c----A ShAder ApproAch the 10th chApter of exercise 4 Answer. You cAn switch by pressing the number keys 0, 1, to indicAte different lighting. Two light source rotAtes Around the EArth....

DirectX C++

[Source code]. [DIRECTX.9.0.3D gAme development progrAmming]

2015-11-23 18:56    By:zombie      View:82      Download:0

BookDIRECTX.9.0.3D of gAme development progrAmming fundAmentAls ( included with source code...

DirectX C++

Direct3D link up gAme source code

2015-10-15 01:00    By:sdhexu      View:48      Download:2

This is the source code of link up gAme developed using Direct3D. It is very good for beginneRS to leArn DirectX. In order to increAse the difficulty, bAck move function wAs disAbled. When you choose A picture, it will be highlighted, when you quit, it will blink. There Are Also mAny other feAtures...

DirectX Visual C++

Direct3D exAmple (RotAting Cube)

2014-12-30 19:58    By:suathd      View:33      Download:2

RotAting Cube, with Texture And Scrolling Text. Works with Almost All Delphi VeRSions (including XE5)...

DirectX Delphi


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