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2015-03-26 14:45    By:fhsh168      View:171      Download:0

ExoPlayer is an application level media player for Android. It provides an alternative to Android's MediaPlayer API for playing audio and VIDEO both locally and over the internet. ExoPlayer supports features not currently supported by Android's MediaPlayer API (as of KitKat), including DASH and Smoo...

video Java

Android VIDEOPlayer

2015-03-03 06:41    By:小宇子      View:126      Download:1

Small demo of Android, everyone can see! Learn Android code to get started! System for Android 1.6 or above code! To be able to run. Is a small player VIDEOPlayer source code...

Java Development Java


2015-03-17 22:40    By:redfoxxxx      View:60      Download:0

Dxshow basic application, write the simple VIDEO player with dxshow, You can play a VIDEO file that can be decoded....

DirectX C++


2014-12-17 06:55    By:babu      View:51      Download:0

VIDEO capturing using java with the support of JMF(java Media Framework), works well wi jdk 1.6 and above, live VIDEOs from devices are displayed in a frame...

Java Development Java

VIDEO player

2015-02-26 11:25    By:myexceptions      View:89      Download:0

Simple VIDEO player Development tools: VC++6.0 MFC class library...

Windows C++

Snow VIDEO simulation

2015-01-04 15:55    By:我是达子香      View:31      Download:0

This program is: in the context of known images, from pictures above the snow, there is an obvious snow 6-petal shapes, fallen snow in the picture bottom left, and a backlog of programs with original pictures, interested parties according to their own interests to change the photo    ...

Matlab Matlab

project- Wireless Sensor Network - VIDEO streaming

2015-03-22 16:21    By:rabi      View:94      Download:0

Sample Project ideas for Wireless Sensor Network related . VIDEO streaming /*********************  COMPONENTS *********************/ The main directories are:  1- java 2- sensors 3- dpcm_C 1- java This directory contains the 'src' subdirectory in which all the...

video C

VIDEO conferencing with java

2015-02-27 01:14    By:ladyylee      View:39      Download:2

a VIDEO conferencing program with c++...

video C++

OpenCV vehicle speed detection in VIDEO

2 hours ago    By:ezf2002      View:379      Download:14

Road traffic, vehicle detection, speed-measuring. OpenCV VIDEO processing, vehicle detection in VIDEO....

video C++

VIDEO playback and analysis

2015-03-24 09:54    By:yavid      View:37      Download:0

Developed using Windows+OpenCV VIDEO player, you can hand-drawn shapes on the player interface. Can be found in the VIDEO hand-painted in the shape range to the dynamic object. Player control bar is pure hand-made , Oh, Oh...

video C++

VIDEO Recording using OpenCV

2015-03-28 04:53    By:stallion_191      View:75      Download:1

Opencv (libraries mainly used for image and VIDEO processing) and visual studio is used in this project. You can use any version of opencv ( although 2.4.1 and above are recommended) Description :  This code here records VIDEO through you webcam ( Either built-in or USB ) And that vid...

video Visual C++

VC++ highlights of the VIDEO-production instance

2015-03-29 06:01    By:123456      View:219      Download:5

Detailed description: VC++ example of VIDEO development highlights, including "remote VIDEO surveillance" 13 classic examples, such as speech recognition systems....

video Visual C++

2013 HEVC VIDEO coding standard source code

2015-03-24 10:27    By:wanglei      View:69      Download:1

HEVC is considered not only improving image quality, also reached H.264/MPEG-4 AVC twice times Compression rate (Same as under the same picture quality Bit rate Reduced 50%) to support 4 k resolution Even to Ultra high definition TV ,最高 Resolution Up to 8192x4320 (8K resolution). HEVC/H.265 vi...

video C

Ffempeg implement the player code, the almost complete using FFMPEG to play a VIDEO of all the API

2015-03-19 22:25    By:ly_luo      View:547      Download:0

FFMPEG The huge, can refer to books and not many, many Learn FFMPEG people often feel overwhelming. The player's code is very simple, only about 100 lines or so. But obsessing about using FFMPEG to play a VIDEO of all of the API, and use SDL display the decoded VIDEO. Very suitable for novices to le...

video C++

Capture VIDEO C920

2015-01-08 09:06    By:ldhung87      View:23      Download:0

Capture VIDEO from webcam C920. Use linux kernel 2.3.0 up to. With linux kernel 2.3.0 up down, you must patch kernel as patch file attached....

video C

A software which can convert yuv VIDEO to avi

2015-02-26 00:15    By:xiaoyuzhou0807      View:55      Download:2

A software which can convert yuv VIDEO  to avi ,this is not a simple code file .this is a software. it can aslo convert  avi VIDEO to yuv VIDEO .i download it from the CSDN. The users which download it give a high comment on it .so if you just need to convert and don't care th...

video C++
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