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C/Cstring library functions

2014-11-27 05:42    By:kevin_sen      View:18      Download:0

Document briefly describes some commonly used string library functions. For example, together with a brief explanation, more suited to c/c++ beginners. I hope to be helpful....

Linux programming C++

stringGrid super grid control

2015-03-16 08:24    By:sunrouse      View:67      Download:0

stringGrid super grid control. To insert a row, delete row to store two values for each cell, and a display value, a hidden value that you can handle, similar to the front shows Directions North, South, East, direction code is saved in the background, 0,1,2,3. To merge cells, split cells, wit...

控件 Delphi

string-enhanced GRID control EHLIB3

2015-03-13 19:33    By:WWSONG      View:127      Download:0

Enhanced string GRID achieved statistical functions, complex titles . Interlacing color display , and automatic tips, automatic sorting, locking multiple columns without scrolling, and a handy Excel import/export function....

GUI Delphi


2013-12-12 05:21    By:godbloc      View:7      Download:0

Here some codes i wrote about string-utilities. this help newbie easy understand and useful for parsing and scripting.  it is very common algorithm used.  Contact me if something got wrong way. Im not sure every thing work fine but almost :D....

Algorithm Delphi

Program in C- string

2014-11-20 03:53    By:felipesouza_nh      View:11      Download:0

#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> int main() {     char str[20];     printf("Digite uma string\n");     setbuf(stdin,NULL);     gets(str);     int i;     for(i=0;i<4;i++){         printf...

Algorithm C

Custom string class mystring

2015-01-15 22:14    By:茶树根雕狮子      View:6      Download:0

Custom string class mystring...

C++ C++

strings, I/O Formatting and Parsing

2014-11-19 19:57    By:anu      View:7      Download:0

string functions are used in computer programming languages to manipulate a string or query information about a string (some do both). Most programming languages that have a string datatype will have some string functions although there may be other low-level ways within each language to han...

Java Books Java

Gets the Qualcomm resource string code

2015-03-07 14:37    By:wuzhaorong      View:15      Download:0

Qualcomm BRX platform resource file file formats, BRX extracted strings in the format file, generate a txt file...

Windows C++

Android string conversion summary

2013-12-20 06:57    By:lijinhua      View:16      Download:0

This is a copy of my written summary of the JAVA string conversions as well as conversions between data types, including conversion between string and int,double,float,long, Converted 16 hexadecimal integer string string ,string to convert between string and character arrays, byte (4 byte) wi...

Java Development Java


2013-11-19 08:08    By:蓝眼索尔      View:5      Download:0

void CRSLAIDoc::Cstring2Char(Cstring TempCstring,char ch[]) { int i; char *tmpch; int wLen=WideCharToMultiByte(CP_OEMCP,0,TempCstring,-1,NULL,0,NULL,NULL); tmpch=new char[wLen+1]; WideCharToMultiByte(CP_OEMCP,0,TempCstring,-1,tmpch,wLen,NULL,NULL); for(i=0;tmpch[i]!='\0';i++) ch[i]=tm...

Algorithm C++

Imperialist Competitive Algorithm with kmeans clustring

2015-01-09 02:59    By:behzad      View:15      Download:0

This is the code of clustring datas in Imperialist Competitive Algorithm with kmeans clustring. ...

Matlab Matlab

CRC calculation code string

2014-12-08 15:58    By:loveisgl      View:11      Download:0

Han\'scrc string code, which also contains the date conversion, converts a string to a date are examples of calculated CRC 16 or 10 hexadecimal input system to judge for themselves....

Algorithm C#

string Search

2014-11-30 13:17    By:noel      View:6      Download:0

This code helps to search strings based on key words and it returns strings based on precedence.    ...

Data PHP

Brute force - string free combination

2015-03-06 20:51    By:hehe1988      View:19      Download:0

The program is based on .net4.0, for windowsform development, in all possible characters on the keyboard, based on a recursive method to generate an exhaustive character combination, generate the string, the establishment of a dictionary for brute force password....

Windows C#

8086 microprocessor based programs of all types N programs on strings

2015-01-29 08:52    By:sid28      View:52      Download:0

I have written All this 8086 based programs. All the programs are in working working with no errors. Important thing to note is programs are written by using MASM so those working with TASM should note the difference between syntax for segments rest all algorithm will remain the same. To i...

Assembly Language ASM

GA with crossover for string matching

2014-12-07 11:59    By:ArtifaX      View:23      Download:0

Genetic Algorythm with crossover for string matching. It also includes simple hillclimber and GA without crossover to compare with....

Algorythm C++
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