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Course design for c++-simple file encryption and decryption

Course design for c++ jobs, simple encryption of files, is very simple, mainly each exclusive-or with the next speaker, exclusive or the last One and the first to provide encryption and decryption, could serve as a reference for curriculum design....

TCP/IP Socket network communication protocol

C # LAN communication using TCP / IP protocol, complete the communication between the client and the server, the client can send data to the server, the server-side sorting, returned to the client, to communicate the client and server side....

VC completion routine model of Web programming model samples (CompletionRoutine)

VC network programming model example of the completion routine model (CompletionRoutine)MFC code, with a very, very detailed notes, features simply show what each character sent by the client, as a teaching code, in order to make clear code structure simplifies a lot of places, for product developme...

C water light control

C51 SCM, c water lights control, through a simple c language programming, C51 monolithic integrated circuit the water light display control through the delay function, can have on light water shows, simple controls...


In electronics, an Adder or summer is a digital circuit that performs Addition of numbers. In many computers and other kinds of processors, Adders are used not only in the arithmetic logic unit(s), but also in other parts of the processor,...

C# BigInteger Class

The implementation of asymmetrical cryptographic schemes often requires the use of numbers that are many times larger than the integer data types that are supported natively by the compiler. In this Article, we give an introduction to the implementation of arithmetic operations involving large integ...

Clips expert systems. NET source

CLIPS.NET is .NET managed interface for CLIPS (C Language Integrated Production System)CLIPS.NET is an effort to bring CLIPS into the .NET world. Framework is allowing a convenient and easy integrating Clips expert system in your .NET projects.Project contains a precompiled version of core CLIPS lib...

C# About Bluetooth Communication Development

C # on computer software that communicates with the phOne via Bluetooth phOnes. Achieve mobile client through a simple algorithm and Bluetooth technology and communication computer, so you can make the phOne and computer can communicate well, on this basis, to achieve a more convenient mobile phOne...

TCP-UDP character data

TCP-UDP transmission, TCP-UDP server-based and client-side data transceiver, character data transceiver, if you want to send and receive text or file read or write can fopen, fread and fwrite to drink....

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