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LU decomposition of matrices

2015-10-26 12:43    By:blue      View:66      Download:0

LU decomposition matrix, if this matrix to achieve the LU decomposition, decomposition of this matrix, and outputs the decomposition of l and u matrices. This matrix of the LU decomposition algorithm for some, LU decomposition is not possible will give tips to go into some of the basic elementary ch...

Algorithm C

LU decomposition to solve equation-Fortran

2015-11-11 10:19    By:shangshan      View:100      Download:1

Using the LU decomposition method for calculating soLUtion of linear equations and Fortran programs!...

Algorithm Fortran

LUa5.2.2 c + + call each other

2015-07-12 05:33    By:BeCalmer      View:34      Download:0

using the LUaL_newstate LUa5.2.2 offered to build your own LUa call interface, in game development LUa is a scripting language very useful in mission systems, combat systems can easily develop....

lua c c++ C++

LUcene .Net example with MVC

2015-04-15 05:09    By:matheus.hsbraga      View:24      Download:0

This font represents a simple scenario of a search using LUcene.Net: Given: You have some data source (most probably a database) which has some distinctive textual data in it You need to be able to: Create LUcene search index from all the data in you data source and delete the whole...

CSharp C#

ChanLUnv1.2 source code

2015-11-07 00:34    By:pchaos      View:33      Download:0

Why V1.2 released-onlyof the source code My current version is 3.01, and realized a lot of things, but are built around core part to do, version 2.02 realization algorithm for calculating the MACD and EMA-wound area (called KISS^-^\~~~), buy system is implemented in a 301, but the significance of t...

Document C++

LUhn's formula to validate a credit card number in TSQL

2014-11-24 02:40    By:daragon      View:25      Download:0

This UDF will validate a credit card number using LUhn's formula. Input: credit card number Output: true if valid credit card number Source: LUhn algorithm or LUhn formula, also known as the "moduLUs 10" or "mod 10" algorit...

DataBase Transact-SQL

Lianliankan PLUgin qq games hall - Lianliankan - pLUgins

2015-09-14 02:25    By:EyreFree      View:27      Download:0

Tencent Games Hall Lianliankan,PLUgin,C++,Ooriginal;...

Windows C++

Singular vaLUe decomposition and coding of image

2015-09-23 01:21    By:njwhat      View:49      Download:0

Overview of singular vaLUe decomposition to compress images. A blog post in the first half of this year an article by singular vaLUe decomposition of PCA procedures when using image sequences, is separated from different parts of the image sequence. Here is not a sequence of images, only one image,...

Matlab Matlab

C # pLUral singular vaLUe decomposition of matrix SVD to calculate its inverse covariance matrix of complex matrix full pivoting Gauss-Jordan method

2015-11-07 07:08    By:toxic      View:264      Download:2

Object is a complex matrix. Using the c # language, defining complex matrix class, while SVD realization of complex matrix singular vaLUe decomposition, computing its covariance matrix, select all of  the complex matrix inversion Yuan Gaosi-Jordan such as matrix operations. The oper...

Algorithm C#


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