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Linux advanced programming

I am learning Linux advanced programming and clever code knocked down on this book, mainly learning processes, such as programming, and threading, synchronization between processes, synchronization between threads. And so on a series of things....

Linux kernel references

this zip file contains some important references about Linux Kernel programming, as below: Building.Embedded.Linux.Systems .chm Linux Device Drivers 3rd.chm Linux.Kernel.Development.3rd.Edition.pdf Understanding.the.Linux.Kernel.3rd.Edition.chm...

Linux command Guinness

Linux command Guinness, a lot of commands, direct collection, use, and no longer have to worry about export orders, a text containing all of the common commands for basic, very convenient, written when you praise hehe. I've been used, very good. Contains basic viewing, editing commands, and some oth...

Super detailed Linux network programming notes

I. knowledge of Linux networking introduction (1 client and server program 2 commonly used commands 3tcp/UDP introduction) II. elementary functions introduction (socket,bind,listen,accept,connect) III. information about server and client functions (Byte conversion functions, conversion I...

Linux Systems Manager

Butler integrates several Linux systems management capabilities to manage your Linux system, whether you are a newbie or expert you can use it to manage your system any portion of it, has reached tens of thousands of lines of code, has the reference value....

Linux watchdog

To achieve the realization of LinuxwathLinux comes with a watchdog to monitor system operation, including the watchdog watchdog a kernel module and a user-space program. Watchdog module by/dev/watchdog the character device by the kernel and user-space communication. Once a user-space program to open...

Linux Device Driver 3rd version

Third edition books comes with Linux Device Driver source code, If you just read it, you can only say you know this stuff, but if you do bring them, you will find that, it turned out that Linux is really good, Oh...

Linux shell programming examples

shell script programming examples, some simple examples are lessons on for beginners Thinking and Practice Test Content: with variable definitions, pipes, backquotes command extensions, input redirection and other functions, write a few Shell commands, and save it as a shell script, with...

Linux network programming

Linux network programming, c++ encapsulation of the Linux networking socket program...

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