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Using the ARP protocol active hosts within the local network Physical Address

2015-03-02 23:45    By:ChristinaTao      View:83      Download:1

Ethernet For our extensive use Ethernet Equipment is to 48 位 MAC Address transmitting data frame and, therefore, must have a protocol maintenance IP The correspondence between Addresses and Physical Addresses. Host system maintains a table used to store dynamic or static mappings between two addre...

Sniffer Package capture C++

Writing a program to simulate a page-virtual storage management system. (Regardless of Address Translation)

2014-11-27 09:44    By:FENGLIFE      View:157      Download:0

Writing a program to simulate a page-virtual storage management system. (Regardless of Address Translation) Among them, the process of randomly generated by the system; Process size, process order, time, process execution trace (page order) is randomly generated, but the process must b...

Linux programming C

Content Addressable Memory (CAM)

2015-03-09 05:00    By:vidya      View:42      Download:3

Content-Addressable memory (CAM) is a special type of computer memory used in certain very-high-speed searching applications. It is also known as associative memory, associative storage, or associative array, although the last term is more often used for a programming data s...

verilog Verilog

Address list using Java

2015-03-15 06:51    By:rxw      View:116      Download:2

Using Java to realize a contact list, suitable for beginners. With simple queries, insert, delete and other functions! AddressBook1.0: a command-line based, data is stored in a properties file in the config directory. admin.properties: stored user names and passwords, telephone.properties: store add...

Java Development Java

Physical Memory dump

2014-11-23 00:54    By:Mami2006      View:10      Download:0

PhyMem Driver is a driver based tool to access memory and io space for read and write IA based PC uses separated port and memory Address spaces. In kernel mode, we can read and write port with functions named like WRITE_PORT_UCHAR, READ_PORT_UCHAR. To access Physical memory in user mode,...

Driver Development C

Multi-platform physioLogical signal processing, open source programs

2013-11-28 04:14    By:whyneedit      View:27      Download:0

Biosig4octmat is a set of physioLogical signals for octave, c++, MATLAB multi-platform deal with excellent open source program. Help you, guide you through signal preprocessing, feature extraction, subsequent analysis and scientific research work....

Matlab C++

Simulation Physical layer of Wimax

2014-12-30 04:10    By:albertomino8      View:10      Download:0

This program is written in MATLAB language, it contains the discription of each block of the Physical layer such as modulation, interleaving and all the techniques and methods used by the Physical layer...

Communication Matlab

MCA morphoLogical component analysis

2015-03-28 21:05    By:focus      View:56      Download:2

MorphoLogical component analysis (MorphoLogical Component Analysis), the basic idea of this method is the use of morphoLogical differences in the composition of the signal, the image is divided into texture and piecewise smooth parts. This program can be used to separate images, image optimization,...

Matlab Matlab

image labeling using morphoLogical image processing

2014-12-01 00:42    By:ggr      View:19      Download:0

we have given an image file and using 8-connectivity i have labeled the object in that image and the resulting image is shown. the input image is provided separately and using the morphoLogical image processing algorithms i have achieved the desired goal of labeling and showed the output image....

Matlab Matlab

MorphoLogical Component Analysis

2015-03-13 21:00    By:a545237988      View:30      Download:0

MorphoLogical component analysis image is divided into two parts, a smooth texture and can be run directly...

Matlab Matlab

Bidimensional empirical mode decomposition, using morphoLogical extremum points

2015-03-26 04:38    By:njwhat      View:142      Download:0

The empirical mode decomposition (EMD) is a 1998 Huang presented a new signal processing method, it has fundamentally altered the traditional idea of Fourier transform and Wavelet transform, multi-scale decomposition of the signal in nonlinear and Nonstationary signal processing with good performanc...

Matlab Matlab

Address Book with C#

2015-02-28 01:48    By:rhamzei      View:16      Download:1

With this program you can create an advanced telephone Address book which enables you to manage your contacts...

Windows C#

dictionary based Translation

2014-12-07 22:33    By:ice      View:6      Download:0

Creating a own dictionary. searching a word for Translation. updating databse. deletion and insertion also done....

Windows Java

java Address book

2015-01-04 12:41    By:Vijay      View:13      Download:0

java Address book java Address book java Address book java Address book java Address book java Address book java Address book...

Java Development Java

Delphi to dynamically set IP Address

2015-01-06 10:37    By:hejlsky      View:80      Download:0

Dynamic IP Address settings, IP Addresses can be saved to EXCEL, open the programs and load the EXCEL file, the user can select the corresponding IP Address after you click OK, it can be used....

Windows Delphi

Temporary E Mail Address Script

2015-02-23 03:17    By:GENERAL995      View:10      Download:0

Temporary E Mail Address Script...

Email PHP

JAVA realization of personal Address book

2014-12-14 21:53    By:xuexi      View:21      Download:0

This is a very easy an easy look for a Java applet to achieve personal Address book, this program is available for those who prefer a graphical interface Java hobbies, this program also has a lot of room for amendment, can make good use of your learning, unlike so many others, direct is complete, do...

Java Development Java
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