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stM32f103 + DM9051 uIP driver

2015-11-21 00:41    By:SpenserTsai      View:74      Download:0

stM32f103 connected with DM9051 by SPI interface. Supporting uIP tcp/ip stack and Web Server. DM9051 is a 10/100 SPI to Fast Ethernet controller. ...

Driver Development C

PLX pcipcie interface IC WDM driver program

2015-10-20 09:41    By:beileifly      View:91      Download:6

PLX chip WDM pcipcie interface driver source, suitable for Plx8000;Plx6000;Plx9050;Plx9030;Plx9080;Plx9054;Plx9056;Plx9656 Plx8311. -PLX pci pcie interface chip WDM driver source code for Plx8000 Plx6000 Plx9050 Plx9030 Plx9080 Plx9054 Plx9056 Plx9656 Plx8311....

Driver Development C


2015-11-23 01:17    By:xmurcs      View:162      Download:8

This program is when I was doing the washing machine motor, use STM32C8T6 as the main chip motor control system program, with PID feedback loop program, the program has been debugged and use between the main TIM1 and TIM2 motor control from the relationship, my motor system uses a Hall sensor feedba...

Driver Development C

STM32 ADXL345 acceleration detection

2015-11-09 17:14    By:xjs286268      View:158      Download:3

This design uses the stM32l as the main chip, combined with the accelerometer ADXL345, can detect acceleration in real time. STM32L ARM7 is a low-power consumption, use can save power stM32l, driven by IIC ADXL345 ADXL345 is three-axis acceleration sensor, acceleration can be measured in XYZ axis....

Driver Development C

Based on stM32pm2.5 driven

2015-10-25 01:21    By:buqingyun      View:73      Download:3

Based stM32 drive pm2.5 detectors, and outputs the analog signal into a digital signal by the AD, and finally uploaded through the serial port on the pc, for further processing....

Driver Development C

8MFLASH driver, STM32, SPI3, use the STM32 pin maps.

2015-10-22 07:02    By:shileiprince      View:118      Download:1

8MFLASH driver, STM32, SPI3, use the STM32 pin maps....

Driver Development C

Realization of embedded STM32F10X MP3 player

2015-10-17 10:30    By:brantyu567      View:121      Download:0

UCGUI+ucosII implemented on the STM32 MP3 player function, pause, next track, previous track, fast forward and rewind, in LISTBOX shows all songs in TFcar .......

Driver Development C

Read AM2321 STM32F407 simulate the I2C temperature/humidity sensor

2015-11-16 08:45    By:INeedAWork      View:576      Download:5

This is what I write, please feel free to use, STM32f407 AM2321 simulated I2c read temperature and humidity sensors. AM2321 agreement document please find themselves online. Why use simulated I2C, because of the bad ST I2C module do timing easily mess, you know, the I2C is the most important is the...

Driver Development C

StM32F drive

2015-05-22 08:27    By:天马星空      View:24      Download:0

STM32F Development Kit, which contains sysinit.c,sysinit.csysinit.csysinit.csysinit.csysinit.csysinit.c sysinit.c...

Driver Development C

STM32 hardware I2C program

2015-11-17 22:49    By:wangxiaoxin198985      View:181      Download:2

This code is in the stM32f072 hardware platform, complete hardware I2C procedures, code debugging is successful, and page function: EEPROM is AT24C02 only 32 pages, each page can only write 8 bytes....

Driver Development C


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