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32 minutes ago    By:allenzhang      View:229      Download:4

this CODE is FOR MATLAB simulation OF cognitive femtocells, including the path loss computing, interference computing ANd cognitive femtocell's power allocation ANd so on....

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2014-12-21 18:56    By:naeemo2      View:264      Download:0

this MATLAB CODEs show the GUI MATLAB CODEs FOR learnning the basic design og systems using graphical interfacing techniques OF MATLAB programming method...

GUI Matlab

Source CODE FOR Data Structures ANd Algorithm ANalysis in C++

1 hours ago    By:lijiadedajie      View:280      Download:2

Source CODE FOR Data Structures ANd Algorithm ANalysis in C++...

Algorithm C++


2014-12-12 02:41    By:naaveeen01      View:31      Download:0

In digital communications, inFORmation is expressed in the FORm OF bits. The term symbol refers to a collection, in various sizes, OF bits [6]. OFDM data are generated by taking symbols in the spectral space using M-PSK, QAM, etc, ANd convert the spectra to time domain by taking the Inverse Discr...

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2014-12-09 01:42    By:Waqar Shahid      View:23      Download:0

The CODE as it is, if found useful please acknowledge by reference to the following paper http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/summary?doi=

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2014-12-21 08:21    By:sebb_t      View:97      Download:0

This is a MATLAB CODE that simulate a PV array. Using this CODE you cAN have the different caracteristics OF a pv array such as I - V ANd P - V from these characteristics you cAN observe the values OF the short circuit current ANd the open circuit voltages...

Matlab Matlab

MATLAB CODE FOR mediAN filter to remove noice

2014-12-21 02:10    By:eman      View:56      Download:1

there is a CODE OF mediAN filter that is used to remove the noise from image relating to the digital image processing. if we have AN image that is effected by noise ANd u have to operate that image FOR further processing then cAN use mediAN filter to clear the image. mediAN filter cAN b 3X...

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3 hours ago    By:hounitage      View:63      Download:0

Using MATLAB to write CODE to implement k_meANs clustering algorithm, here is the conduct two types OF classification, this program is included with the main function, ANd contains data, this k_meANs program cAN be run directly....

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2014-12-15 09:41    By:Deveraux      View:11      Download:0

This is the source CODE FOR ENERGY detection along with GUI programming. Details explained in the CODE itself....

Matlab Matlab

MATLAB CODE FOR peak detection

9 hours ago    By:yhy1304      View:103      Download:0

Using simple peak detector CODE written in MATLAB CODE, the basic idea is that when the input SIGNAL thAN when the stored SIGNALs, coupled with a difference is multiplied by a scale factor, when the input SIGNAL SIGNAL thAN the store hours, detection OF a difference multiplied by the scale factor, t...

Matlab Matlab

MATLAB CODE FOR finite element CODE calculation

2014-12-21 20:46    By:buger      View:103      Download:0

Researchers use computational mathematics MATLAB source CODE Finite element computation MATLAB CODE Almost contains all Finite element Issues, source CODE ANd description, CODE detail OF each module, English description OF the specification, you cAN easily start...

Matlab Matlab

MATLAB CODE FOR the wireless orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems

2014-12-09 15:12    By:herojpq      View:457      Download:0

Wireless orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems MATLAB CODE, the CODE on algorithm simulation ANd comparison OF three kinds OF synchronization, has great reference value, CODE is error-free....

Matlab Matlab

Content-baised image retrieval MATLAB CODE

15 minutes ago    By:daisy_tina      View:462      Download:0

This is a MATLAB CODE FOR content retrieval based on colour histogram image, using color histogram to match yielded similar degrees OF generosity, to find the gallery ANd his similar pictures...

Matlab Matlab

MATLAB CODEs FOR Numerical root finding techniques

2014-12-09 10:54    By:abdur rafay      View:19      Download:0

These are the CODEs FOR the root finding techniques using numerical methods. secANt , bisection, false position method, fixed point iteration  method, muller method ...

Matlab Matlab

Basis FOR comparison OF rANdom SIGNAL ANalysis ANd MATLAB routines importANt, relevANt notes ANd instructions txt

2014-12-16 02:28    By:wendylww      View:360      Download:0

Example 3 correlation functions OF rANdom SIGNALs, from X2 to see the composition OF the SIGNAL, but from the autocorrelation function OF the X2 there is a SIGNAL at the origin, we cAN be sure that the SIGNAL in the noise Example 4 illustrates the x,A2 OF the routine determines the proportion...

Matlab Matlab

1D FDTD MATLAB CODE FOR dielectric boudry hiting

2014-12-09 18:37    By:sps      View:133      Download:0

1D FDTD MATLAB CODE FOR dielectric boudry hiting. A plANe wave illumination is used to illuminate the dielectric interface.  The wave propagation phenomenon is shown FOR dielectric interface....

Matlab Matlab

MATLAB CODE FOR the LPC speech ANalysis, synthesis, recognition

2014-12-15 08:38    By:zbt10      View:56      Download:0

Levison-Durbin linear prediction coding LPC speech SIGNAL processing theory, lattice filters ANd algorithms FOR solving the current prediction equation, cAN be achieved on the importANt elements OF speech SIGNAL ANalysis, synthesis or recognition....

Matlab Matlab

RANdom Waypoint Model MATLAB CODE

2014-12-21 18:19    By:sbahk2010      View:155      Download:2

The RANdom Waypoint Mobility Model includes pause times between chANges in direction ANd/or speed . A mobile node(MN) begins by staying in one location FOR a certain period OF time (i.e., a pause time). Once this time expires, the MN chooses a rANdom destination in the simulation area ANd a speed th...

Matlab Matlab

Two-dimensional principal component ANalysis written in MATLAB CODE FOR face recognition

7 hours ago    By:喵喵      View:179      Download:3

Two dimension main ingredients ANalysis method is General OF FOR down dimension OF method, also became K-L trANsFORm, cAN FOR people face recognition in the features extraction, because with matrix to expressed people face image, numerical compared big, hANdling enough convenient, so two dimension m...

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