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Face Detection in MATLAB source Code, based on skin color segmentation and adaboost algorithm

MATLAB Face Detection source Code, based on skin color segmentation and adaboost algorithm...

2013-09-17 02:13


this Code is for MATLAB simulation of cognitive femtocells, including the path loss computing, interference computing and cognitive femtocell's power allocation and so on....

adaboost algorithm example

Combining two classification, adaboost algorithm for realization of the most fundamental examples of this algorithm is suitable for initial learning children's shoes...

2013-09-27 08:28

Face Detection in C++

This source Code use OpenCV tools package to realize Face Detection from pictures, and use a green frame to label the Face. The attached Codes were finished using VS2008 and OpenCV2.4.6. You can input the parameters from the commend line. Argv[1] is the position of the picture.The Code of eye d...

2013-11-28 04:03

Face Detection Face-recognition Code

Based on Face Detection, Face recognition source Code, and related open source libraries. Mainly used for Face Detection, location, identification and Detection output, greatly in pattern recognition purposes, does not require a separate install OpenCV library, have to be included directly....


%%%%% Reading of a RGB image i=imread('Face8.jpg'); I=rgb2gray(i); BW=im2bw(I); figure,imshow(BW) %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%% minimisation of background portion [n1 n2]=size(BW); r=floor(n1/10); c=floor(n2/10); x1=1;x2=r; s=r*c; for i=1:10...

2013-12-20 06:59

adaboost Face Detection MATLAB Code

This is a simple MATLAB Code using a simple technique known as adaboost Technique to detect Faces in video. This Code can also be used to understand this algorithm easily if u have some problems in understanding it by reading research journals...

MATLAB implementation of adaboost algorithm

This package is a MATLAB implementation of adaboost algorithm for famous, by strengthening the threshold, adaboost and can get better result . Package includes the following files: 1. adaboost_te.m 2. adaboost_tr.m 3. demo.m 4. likelihood2class.m 5. threshold_te.m 6. threshold_tr.m...

2014-09-18 23:30

MATLAB Codes for GUI

this MATLAB Codes show the GUI MATLAB Codes for learnning the basic design og systems using graphical interfacing techniques of MATLAB programming method...

2014-11-01 03:58

Face Detection

Face++ technical services are divided into Basic Edition and Enterprise Edition. Basic version provided free of charge through the API, Enterprise Edition not only a better API, SDK and a customized offline forms such as cloud services. Face++ updates are published here in time, we are constantly wo...

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