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AVRubdAVR universal bootloader PC source

2015-03-21 02:21    By:zawdr520      View:66      Download:1

The main purpose of this program is to provide a generic AVR Bootloader, different types of AVR Microcontroller need to modify only some simple configuration parameters that can be used directly, no need to change the main program. Because right now circulating on the Internet many Bootloader progra...

AVR Delphi

AVR ad data acquisition programs

2015-03-16 19:16    By:zhangpeizong@163.com      View:43      Download:0

Allows beginners to learn better AVR Microcontroller, which describes the pin configuration, as well as input and output configurations, changed it to power atmgea8l. Introductory program results were pretty good, hope can bring some help to you....

avr C

Writing on SD memory with fat32 format with ATXMEGA uc, on CODEvision

2015-02-25 13:23    By:aydin1719      View:1275      Download:0

Hello everyone, This program is designed for atxmega128a4 microcontroller in order to write on a SD memory via fat32 format in CODEvision IDE. It uses SPI protocol on port D to talk to memory. Also note that in order to use "ff.h" library, you must first go to "Configure Project->C compiler...

Codevision C

AVR Microcontroller _mege32_usart send and receive data _ personally write available

2015-03-15 10:20    By:天涯沦落人_亓      View:144      Download:0

AVR Microcontroller available _ personally prepared the _mege32_usart to send and receive data, the CODE is very simple, to implement functionality for: send a data immediately receives a data, implemented by serial debugging assistant, the compilation environment for AVRStudio+winAVR, AVR recently...

avr单片机 C

USB AVR ISP program

2015-02-11 02:33    By:viewpp      View:77      Download:0

Micropendous USB AVR Development Boards by Opendous Inc. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Table of Contents:   (1)  Introduction   (2)  Archive Contents   (3)  Support   (4)  License (1) Introduction -----------...

Driver Development C

AVR Control Panel documentation and software

2014-12-18 10:51    By:ccemy      View:12      Download:0

AVR Control Panel connect to device serial or tcp/ip...

Windows C#

AVR coin payment with 7 segment timer control

2014-12-20 10:04    By:whoami      View:12      Download:0

AVR coin payment timer control project using timer trigger. Use coin acceptor to receive payment. and count down timer to control relay....

Embeded C

LeetCODE the reference source CODE (C++)

2015-03-18 04:53    By:issaczr      View:73      Download:0

LeetCODE topics in C++ implementation, contains all of the 152 questions that need brushes algorithm problems, and prepare written interviews are still useful, especially foreign companies. Brush problem Web site OJ.leetCODE.com...

Algorithm C++

Use CODEbook algorithm for moving object detection

2015-03-19 11:55    By:勤劳的码农      View:211      Download:5

This CODE is based on the CODEbook algorithm of the  paper"Real-time foreground–background segmentation using CODEbook mode", implemented on C++ platform, use opencv 2.3.1 version, realized the moving object detection. CODEBook algorithm of the time series model of the basic idea is...

Graph C++

gg.729 TI CODE

2015-01-18 16:51    By:Ayesha      View:45      Download:0

g.729a TI enCODEr and deCODEr CODE with good implementation. This CODE is tested many times on DSP kit and sotware defined radios....

Voice C

QRCODE two-dimensional CODE generator source

2015-03-25 16:12    By:green75      View:257      Download:3

Brief introduction        This is a simple example, to produce a specific text from the use of libqrenCODE library QRCODE BMP files. There are many online reference library but there is no simple example. In this project, there are also problems arise when an alternative is...

print C++

AVR coding

2014-12-18 11:17    By:elecdude      View:19      Download:0

this CODE is used to learn about atmega 32 controller ,here the example CODE for blinking program in AVR studio ide...

Embeded C

quicreport image database, image proceessing as dasd asd asd asdg asGASdg

2013-11-26 10:26    By:fallah      View:30      Download:0

http://www.CODEforge.com/article/edit dfasdf asdf a asdf 'jasdfj a sdfja'sdf' asdf kjas dfhasdf asdf ;asdf asdf ajksdf ashdf asdf asdf...

Image Processing Delphi

AVRusb simulation, produced the MKII burner

2015-01-20 02:52    By:adongliu      View:24      Download:1

AVRusb simulation, produced the MKII burner, This file documents changes in the software, firmware and hardware of the AVR-Doper project. New entries are always appended to the end of the file. Scroll down to the bottom to see the most recent changes. * Release 2006-07-18 - Adde...

Embeded C


2015-03-08 15:49    By:mohammadne      View:97      Download:0

drive 3310 lcd with AVR atmega8 Hi friends, using graphic LCD in a project gives itreally a good look and flexibility of displaying different characters and shapes. But, the graphic LCDs are quite costly. The NOKIA 3310 LCD provides a really low-cost solution to add a small graphic d...

Embeded C

AVR universal delay programmes

2015-03-06 09:12    By:rkke      View:17      Download:0

General delay procedures for the AVR is Assembly source CODE. Welcome to download and trial.  Thank you all for your support! Hope can help!...

Embeded ASM

AVR MCU Library

2015-02-28 06:24    By:ghalibjanjua      View:31      Download:0

AVR Libc is a Free Software project whose goal is to provide a high quality C library for use with GCC on Atmel AVR microcontrollers. Together, AVR-binutils, AVR-gcc, and AVR-libc form the heart of the Free Software toolchain for the Atmel AVR microcontrollers. They are further accompani...

Embeded C
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