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CCSDS predictive coding

The latest FPGA implementation of CCSDS standard hyperspectral image compression algorithm, using VHDL implementation. Please refer to. Definitely good value for money, I hope to help you design!...

2013-09-27 07:35

MSP430g2553 + ENC28j60 webserver

MSP430g2553 + ENC28j60 driver and webserver.                                                                         &nb...

2013-10-03 07:27

SSD1 practice Quiz 6

this is a code for the icarnegie sSD1 practice quiz 6 wich is the code for a servlet throws ServletException, IOException { /** *  Indicate the content type (for example, text/html),  *  being returned by the response */ /* Add your code here */ /*...

SSD3 Practical Quiz 2

IT is Practical Quiz for SSD3! All answers in one archive! ICarnegieINFOApplication with add code! You are receiving this email because a new password was requested for your account on If you did not request a new password for this account, ignore this email and continue to use y...

2013-11-24 03:21

SDL motorcycle programs

A great SDL game programming, fuza, but very meaningful A great SDL game programming, fuza, but very meaningful A great SDL game programming, fuza, but very meaningful v...

SSD1 Practical guiz 8

You should write the servlet along with three other classes (,, and to process five values obtained through the Web page PayrollForm.html. The Payroll servlet must do the following: Capture the values submitted...

MSP430f5529 experimental board project 3 source code

MSP430f5529 official experiment one of the experimental code Development Board, display, capacitive touch screen, SD card operation and so on comprehensive experiment of your project's code, code that encapsulates a lot of functions that can be controlled directly on board resources, operation simpl...

2014-09-09 01:11

MSDOS 2.0 source code

MSDOS 2.0 Operating System (Kernel and basic utilities) Source Code. Which is now public (non-professional purposed) avalibale source code of MSDOS 2.0 with official permision by MICROSOFT company....

2014-09-11 00:03
by etan

SDL Mixer Sample

An alternative example written using the SDL Mixer, no load functions that come with direct memory data copied to buf, results were good. Can learn from people who want to manipulate memory directly refer to, it should be useful...

SD care boot

Use SD cate update and boot package on arm system also ubl, boot...

2014-10-27 10:02
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