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******************************************************************************* $Id: README.txt,v 2008/08/21 02:18:51 mcarbone Exp $ slot_Machine Description: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------   This module generalises th...

Machine Learning method of SVM training

SVM SVM (Support Vector Machine) as a training Machine Learning methods, relying on small sample Learning guide Star model parameters extracted can be evenly distributed and stars a greatly reduced number of guide star catalog Vapnik et al in the years examined in the context of statistical lear...

Machine Learning

Gradient descent Feature Scaling Mean Normalization Multivariate Linear Regression...

Deep Learning Matlab Toolbox

DeepLearnToolbox A Matlab toolbox for Deep Learning. Deep Learning is a new subfield of Machine Learning that focuses on Learning deep hierarchical models of data. It is inspired by the human brain's apparent deep (layered, hierarchical) architecture. A good overview of the theory of Deep...

Image Processing and Machine Learning

This is another of my classmates about image processing and Machine Learning jobs, for four values ​​of image feature extraction, classification and recognition. LIBSVM. File contains the code, and some parameters commissioning 61549812Machine-Learning-a-Image-Processing...

Machine Learning Source

This is the real part of the code of Machine Learning, pro-test available. . . More suitable for study entry. . . . Very good. . . Now just uploaded a part of the source code, after the future will continue to upload up. . . I hope you learn and progress together. . . . ....

drive Machine

This paper introduces a generalized theory for the operation of mixed pole Machines(MPMs). The MPM has two stator windings, namely the main winding with pole pairs P1 andthe control winding with pole pairs P2. The MPM has shown promise in the field of adjustablespeed drives for large Machines and in...

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