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Matlab GUI example source code to simulate Ant Colony algorithm for path optimization

2015-11-20 10:19    By:jerry      View:1803      Download:3

For simulation of Ant Colony algorithm for path optimization Matlab GUI example program code, writing through  the Matlab GUI framework, vivid and lifelike, Very good interpretation of the principle of Ant Colony algorithm  and Ant Colony algorithm for path searching for u...

Matlab C

EasyFPGA030 example code

2015-09-15 02:33    By:yfw      View:68      Download:0

This source code is the EasyFPGA030 example code. Welcome to download and try. Thank you all for your support!...

verilog Verilog

Matlab + GAuss-Seidel iteration method steady-state heat conduction

2015-11-06 01:37    By:Char      View:86      Download:0

Iterative methods: clear x1(1)=0;x2(1)=0;x3(1)=0;k=1; for k=1:100; x1(k+1)=0.5*(500+x2(k)); x2(k+1)=0.5*(x1(k+1)+x3(k)); x3(k+1)=0.5*(100+x2(k+1)); dx1=abs(x1(k+1)-x1(k)); dx2=abs(x2(k+1)-x2(k)); dx3=abs(x3(k+1)-x3(k)); dx=max(dx1...

Algorithm Matlab

GAussmix GAussian mixture model can be directly used

2015-10-22 20:13    By:xiaoguipapa      View:36      Download:0

GAussian mixture modeling conducted under the classification is unknown, obtain parameters of GAussian mixture model. Implementation language is Matlab....

Matlab Matlab

GAbor filter

2015-10-21 21:37    By:keyvan90      View:64      Download:0

A GAbor filter for image processing. From the comments and through my own use, the implementation seems to have limited freedom, and also the variances are defined in the original x,y instead of the rotated x', y' directions....

Matlab Matlab

The Matlab numerical computation analysis of program source code

2015-11-27 22:44    By:njwhat      View:357      Download:4

"Matlab numerical case analysis" source code, "Matlab numerical case analysis" to numerical analysis theory the main line to Matlab in numerical analysis as the main content, based on the principles described algorithms and numerical analysis on the basic idea, focuses on explain...

Matlab Matlab

Matlab implementation of kernel PCA, Matlab Support Vector Machine Toolbox

2015-11-24 13:24    By:sigmafang      View:149      Download:1

Matlab implementation of kernel PCA, is a very basic and very important study material for a original learner.These programs are distributed without any warranty, express orimplied. As these programs were written for research purposes only, theyhave not been tested to the degree that would be a...

Matlab Matlab

Bayesian network Matlab BNT

2015-11-19 02:04    By:wasaixiaopei      View:306      Download:7

This is a Matlab-based Bayesian Network tool kit, provides a number of lower-level functions, Bayesian learning and Bayesian inference. Based on Bayesian network classifier can achieve a variety of. The Toolkit for more comprehensive content....

Matlab Matlab

2D GAbor Filter(Ver1,2,3)

2015-11-03 03:55    By:keyvan90      View:171      Download:3

Recent studies on Mathematical modeling of visual cortical cells [Kulikowski/Marcelja/Bishop:1982] suggest a  tuned band pass filter bank structure. These filters are found to have GAussian transfer functions in the  frequency domain. Thus, taking the Inverse Fourier Transform...

Matlab Matlab

GML AdaBoost Matlab Toolbox Manual

2015-11-26 03:35    By:linuxbird      View:158      Download:3

The GML AdaBoost Matlab Toolbox Manual content are more, I am a beginner, and didn't understand them. Most Matlab source code, some are written in C++ programs. Quite useful...

Matlab Matlab


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