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Multi-line List Control

2014-12-29 02:05    By:sirfs      View:40      Download:0

This article provides a custom Control which displays a Multi-column List of items, with support for Multi-line text in individual cells. Cell text can contain embedded '\n' characters which will force line breaks. In addition, word-wrap is performed as needed to keep the text within the specified c...


Sort List Control

2014-12-29 02:05    By:xkl01      View:25      Download:0

List by clicking on the title bar, to sort the content by clicking on a column of a List Control, digital text ...

Windows C++

ListCtrl Control examples source code

2015-01-29 09:32    By:baiyang2013      View:55      Download:0

ListCtrl Control instance for editing source code, user friendly. Language: VC++. Original CListCtrl in contrast to write your own editListctrl can be edited. Source code comments for more details....



2015-03-13 07:10    By:mikesgx      View:59      Download:0

This is a c # how to use the ListView Control routines. Ready to compile the program. Compile and run, you will see a tree view, which is like a window Explorer, like interface. This implementation can be based on one of your own tasks. Development environment: Visual Studio 2008...

listview C#

MFC player production

2015-03-25 02:41    By:流烟碎      View:45      Download:0

MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) generally refers to MFC (Microsoft Foundation class library), which is Microsoft Corporation Provides a class library (class libraries), encapsulates the Windows API in C++ classes, and includes a Application Framework in order to reduce the Application developmen...

Multimedia C++

MFC tray bubble

2014-11-24 02:57    By:天若1987      View:27      Download:0

This program demonstrates the use VC6.0 MFC  how to create the pallet, and display the bubble tip tray, (both XP and win7), and provides the latest in Shellapi.h (lots of MFC programming using the header file), the code is very simple....

Button control Visual C++

OnlineQuiz source code in asp.net

2015-03-25 11:57    By:gana      View:220      Download:2

The Online Quiz System for candidate is a very popular project in which you can examine any candidate by just giving him/her a Quiz to Solve.Quiz System saves our time and money for checking the papers....

online quiz ASP/ASPX

Nice List box Control source code VB version Picasa style PicasaListBox

2014-12-03 10:10    By:kyoxym      View:265      Download:0

Nice List box Control source code VB version Picasa style PicasaListBox PicasaListBox...

listview VB

MFC ListControl's Explorer

2015-03-29 22:44    By:mrmagic      View:68      Download:0

Made of the ListControl Control MFC Windows Explorer-like interface, the function that returns a parent folder and files in a folder can be sorted in the List displayed, can be based on name, size, date created sort. With complete project can be compiled and run....


xList show

2013-11-27 01:53    By:binxue388      View:11      Download:0

XList Control libraries, you can easily create Windows toolbar space. This space with Windows programming, you can easily describe Windows space program. Really, really easy to use....

Windows Kernel C++

Multiple linear regression

2014-12-16 00:40    By:mariaisabelb      View:23      Download:0

Multiple linear regression for the pacient  In Multiple linear regression we use more than one explanatory variable; this will give us the advantage of using more information in the construction of model and, consequently, more accurate estimates....

Algorithm C#

Three methods to add ListView

2014-12-06 10:51    By:yulin123      View:18      Download:0

ListView is one of the very important components of the Android software development, is basically a basic software will use the ListView, today I passed a demo to teach you how to use the ListView component paints a beautiful List, says ListView Adapter that would have to say, because only it can m...

Android Java

CGridListCtrlEx - Grid Control Based on CListCtrl

2015-03-08 22:46    By:Spritutu      View:85      Download:1

Microsoft's CListCtrl has support for displaying data in a grid using the report style, but we have to make several changes to implement features like: Sorting Cell navigation and keyboard search Tooltips Hiding and showing columns Cell editing...

Windows C++

Color ListCtrl Report List

2015-03-03 02:13    By:sunqition      View:19      Download:1

Using CListCtrl Control process, we will find easy to use and do not, especially in the use of "report" display mode, and want to add a background color to the specified entry, CListCtrl Control sets the color functions can only be provided by the Control's interface look good, does not meet our req...

Windows Visual C++

Realization of double column ListView

2015-01-08 02:08    By:suprise      View:25      Download:0

List of double effect when you make the address selection, use the ListView, a complete small demo for yourself by looking to master the use of methods, there are comments in the demo for viewing...

移动开发 Java

Birthday reminder tool using CListCtrl, ButtonST

2015-03-15 03:34    By:pastroal      View:39      Download:0

Birthday reminder tool VC6, able to manage your contacts, CDialog interface, using CListCtrl sort header can insert pictures, sort, every color of each row, the cell can set the checkbox and pictures Interface ButtonST Contacts include name, phone number, date of birth, save the...

Windows C++

MFC,point cloud ,PCL

2015-03-29 07:43    By:lwngreat      View:133      Download:5

MFC,point cloud ,PCL.使用PCL点云库只做到界面,使用c++通过对源码(PCL)更改后的界Surface. Can be more convenient to use the PCL function....

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