UCGuI STM32 transplantation

2015-04-16 10:13    By:mhming      View:268      Download:0

Thanks WZT shared ucGuI portable document, I transplanted a detailed record is first, for the beginner to refer to: 1, open the debugged TFTLCD test procedure (here is the open "ALIENTEK MINISTM32 10 TFTLCD display experiments") of the project folder, the folder where you create ucGuI. Because...


WebBrowser control communicates with the Web page

2014-12-01 04:09    By:花丛中的雅蠛蝶      View:18      Download:0

WebBrowser control of all the powerful, partly because the control itself extracted from a range of methods, including open Web pages, access pages of information, the operator's Website (such as the forward pass, etc.), intercepting Web event, the other is provided with mechanism of Web page with t...


Winner permission management system for next-generation Web application development tool

2015-04-16 06:18    By:一跃而过      View:1176      Download:0

Function introduction Winner permission management system (also known as: Victor permission management system) is a Web based system developed on PHP+Mysql, the system built-in user management, group management, Department management, and the system is also able to be opened subsidiaries, w...

Web Framework PHP


2014-12-16 07:43    By:alihababi      View:79      Download:0

LeaGueEngine.v2.3.4This theme or plugin is comprised of two parts.(1) the PHP code and integrated HTML are licensed under the General PublicLicense (GPL). You will find a copy of the GPL in the same Directory as thistext file.(2) All other parts, but not limited to the CSS code, images, and Design a...

Web Framework PHP

Kinect FOV of measurement

2015-02-01 17:28    By:Emily      View:54      Download:0

Horizontal field angle measuring device Kinect somatosensory RGB camera and a vertical angle of view to prevent the practical application within the prescribed distance from the screen projected onto the outside of the active area....


WebGL example, establishment of the rectanGular base

2015-03-10 21:18    By:Cappuccino      View:37      Download:0

Base model written in Javascript lanGuage, getting started with WebGL based exercises. Students use learning WebGL. Students help on learning WebGL. Projection from the view matrix to the shader has detailed instructions. And is developed in c #....

Web Framework JavaScript

EmGuCV playback folder and camera video

2015-03-05 10:04    By:actionlw      View:172      Download:1

This case can use C# and EmGuCV to play videos in a folder and camera, code runs perfectly correct, facilitate the next step in the implementation of video moving object detection and tracking Welcome to Exchange...


Manually create Webservice proxy class that implements the Webservice access to anonymous

2015-03-10 21:18    By:ministone007      View:2782      Download:0

Because of the need of the project, you may need to increase post-data interface, if you use a system-generated proxy class may be very troublesome (for example: a third-party interface name changed) then manually Webservice proxy class out he can help you do not need prior knowledge of each other w...

Web Framework ASP/ASPX

ucGui builder 4

2015-03-20 06:54    By:hadiii      View:177      Download:1

This is the latest version of Gui builder which is very useful to Design your graphical application and have all components which we need to make a beautiful graphical user interface The source code is made automatically and it also has a tab which let you to see differences in Adding new widg...

GUI Visual C++

Web Browser

2015-04-10 14:46    By:alpeshpurohit      View:45      Download:0

simple Web browser for mini project of computer science students..............created in vb.netits very easy to learn...

Web Browser VB

ucGui trail tools offical

2015-02-05 08:15    By:hadiii      View:104      Download:1

This is the latest official release of ucGui Website that contains all the tools we need to build font images and movies that can be used in any micro controller with any lcd driver. it also has simulator which allows you to simulate your embedded graphical user interface on your host machine with n...


JavaWeb development information

2015-04-01 07:53    By:second_hand      View:75      Download:0

Null Java Web for Design! this helps you write a lot of code, to come up with enough words, I was just something to go, although the word was wrong and think it is OK, if you download phone pay attention, Hey! NN, enough for 50 children, right? Administrators also need to delete posts? Without such...

GUI Java

Web election

2015-03-12 05:43    By:satria_blue2      View:24      Download:1

Web-based Election Software Version: 13102008b * Copyright (c) 2008, BRAD HEAP * All rights reserved. * * Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without * modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met: *     * Redistributions...

Web Browser PHP

QT GuI C++ source code programming

2015-03-04 03:56    By:zhangsl136      View:70      Download:0

This is C++GuI Qt-interface programming examples code:c + + GuI Programming with Qt 4 (Second Edition) by Jasmin Blanchette and Mark Summerfield. ISBN 0-13-235416-0 The root of the examples Directory contains examples.pro. If you execute qmake examples.pro make (nmake if you...


Client Side Web Application Primer

2015-03-21 09:33    By:nedjma24      View:40      Download:0

I plan to share my experiment with client side application and MVC backend. In this sample, as many other Web site before I use many 3rd party libraries (hint: look at README / package list: EntityFramework (Extended), jQuery, Knockout, chosen, bootstrap, datatables). But I don’t plan to dwell muc...

Web Framework C#

Java Web page pagination code

2015-03-21 01:25    By:海子      View:57      Download:0

List.jsp pages can be seen in the page code I'm developing a shopping project aware paging code is difficult to write so upload a simple code on the page, I hope all of you good in listservlet, you can see the basic page number code at run time, Add the corresponding tables in your database and modi...

Web Framework Java

Webtop Tencent html5 development tools

2015-04-15 02:57    By:snoweak      View:66      Download:0

AlloyDesktop is a Web page as software that can run on a desktop app development engine. The engine implements a transparent rendering of Web pages, Web pages are no longer limited to the confines of the browser. At the same time, provide a powerful api support, so you can easily fail to realize man...


Web service Design

2013-12-30 00:46    By:KARIM      View:12      Download:0

Web Design html form how to read xsl file from html perl programe examle of reading big file...

GUI Perl

Source Web proxy Websites

2015-02-21 17:49    By:csq4      View:144      Download:2

PHP Web application, upload a PHP Web server, Server Proxy allows you to open a Web page, is a good online source agent supporting HTTP, HTTPS is not supported for the time being....

Web Framework PHP


2015-04-02 22:21    By:if0000      View:66      Download:0

GuiToolkit MFC Extension GuiToolkit is a complete set of classes based on MFC, that allows you to build applications with nice and sophisticated interfaces such as Visual Studio .NET, Office 2003 etc. The primary target is to have a complete free library that can be used without restrictions and...


Web applications, automatic login control

2014-12-16 05:25    By:issic      View:18      Download:0

Using WebBrowser control to realize automatic landing a Website. May obtain cookie, in accordance with cookie to open another page! ...



2015-03-14 10:50    By:ifatipeh      View:50      Download:0


GUI Matlab

Hotel Booking System Complete Web based room booking system for your hotel Website.

2015-04-14 14:11    By:mehboobs      View:209      Download:2

This is the Hotel Reserve system source code, is Complete Web-based reservation system...

Web Framework C++

server 2003 R2 IIS deployment MVC3.0 Web program

2014-12-11 02:38    By:jofy2004      View:37      Download:0

server 2003 R2 IIS deployment MVC3.0 Web program. Welcome to download and try.  Thank you for your support!...

Web Framework C#

Unity3D NGuI plugin

2015-02-10 06:54    By:wdcodeforge      View:66      Download:0

Unity3D NGuI plugin, NGuI Unity plug-in is a graphical interface plug-copy reference resource for learning to use, such as those involving copyright to the author,  Please buy genuine, please delete after download learning...


a Web base application ,Online Telephone Directory and phone book with pics and location

2015-02-27 09:32    By:cyril      View:10594      Download:0

This project is a Web based phone book Directory, which helps you to look up a staff member in the university by name. You can query with the first name or last name and the system will give you back the names of people which match that name, the title, the office number, the telephone number and fa...

web based application PHP

c++ GuI QT4 sourcecode

2015-03-01 03:47    By:scenic      View:47      Download:0

C++GuI QT4 book with the source code, sourcecode. Tests are available. Like readers can learn to see the author of the book write code, faster to improve your...


Web page Design

2014-12-14 03:40    By:priya      View:29      Download:0

Web page is Designed by using of HTML. the front will be Designed at first then we can modify this with our need.its very useful for us Design our own Web site page....

Web Framework HTML/CSS

Web page Design

2014-12-10 02:47    By:priya      View:25      Download:0

this is an idea that we going to develope our own Web page as like how we in need. then this is the starting Web developement. can use this for our further Web page development...

Web Framework HTML/CSS

filter Design using Gui

2015-02-10 00:25    By:Siva      View:149      Download:1

Design of butterworth and 2pole ,and Design of fir and iir filter using matlab using Gui tool. It's a sptool used to analysis the signal in the form of griphics. The minimum order of the filter is 2 and the maximum order is 10....

GUI Matlab


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