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RSA code for SQL server

2015-03-11 07:27    By:tylergage      View:41      Download:0

RSA is a cryptosystem, which is known as one of the first practicable public-key cryptosystems and is widely used for secure data transmission. In such a cryptosystem, the encryption key is public and differs from the decryption key which is kept secret. In RS...

SQL Server C++

NTP client source code

2015-03-26 21:37    By:leopard      View:66      Download:0

NTPClient source code compressed file package, mainly used to synchronize NTP server time....

Windows Visual C++

Easyui write the administrative permission system

2015-03-24 11:06    By:bandly      View:128      Download:3

Rights management system, including users, roles, and user groups Databases, MySQL Develop framework for SSH Front Desk Framework Easyui Using Maven and other gadgets....

Web Framework Java

EasyFPGA030 example code

2015-02-22 11:30    By:yfw      View:55      Download:0

This source code is the EasyFPGA030 example code. Welcome to download and try. Thank you all for your support!...

verilog Verilog


2015-02-02 22:21    By:dang0601      View:61      Download:1

Android use socket to send data to PC,PC-end socket receives and displays. File list: Socket_server\.classpath   .............\.project   .............\.settings\org.eclipse.jdt.core.prefs   .............\bin\TCPDesktopserver.class   .........


Wince handheld machine direct access to the Sqlserver database server

2015-02-13 04:47    By:fitsoft      View:100      Download:1

Wince handheld machine direct access to the Sqlserver database server and development environment: wince5.0+VS2005 Simple PDA connection example...

Windows C#

server 2003 R2 IIS deployment MVC3.0 web program

2014-12-11 02:38    By:jofy2004      View:37      Download:0

server 2003 R2 IIS deployment MVC3.0 web program. Welcome to download and try.  Thank you for your support!...

Web Framework C#

Win32 server Client(TCP)

2015-03-05 02:17    By:小鑫      View:73      Download:1

With VC6 forwards a TCP client server applications send data...

Socket C++

Teacher roll-call system developed using Easyui plug-in

2015-03-24 02:13    By:jnny      View:73      Download:1

This is the teacher roll-call system, combined with the Easyui js plugin realizes data persistence with Hibernate and Struts2 logic control, spring IOC,AOP weak coupling....

Java Development Java

UcOS-III + LWIP + HTTP server + calendar + clock/temperature dissolved oxygen test routines

2015-03-30 09:52    By:davidteng      View:1666      Download:3

System hardware STM32f103 chip, connected to the dissolved oxygen probe, external broadband network can realize remote monitoring, remote control functions through a computer. Sources include ucOS-III (real-time operating system), LWIP-1.3.2 (lightweight TCP/IP Protocol), and HTTP server (emb...

Embeded C

Multithreading webserver

2015-02-06 01:45    By:blueforest      View:38      Download:0

This program is a multi-threaded support takes "GET" Method to get the static page web server 。 Code to implement the main steps are: a. Create server socket b. server listen port C. client has established a connection with the request and create a thread...

Linux programming C

NTPClient source

2015-03-18 22:05    By:migohon      View:46      Download:0

NTPCLIENT source NTPclient_2010_365.tar, can be used to compile and is used to specify the NTP server school...

Linux programming C

Easyui&jqvalidate popups and data validation

2014-12-09 05:27    By:sj570552570      View:34      Download:0

Easyui&jqvalidate popups and data validation...

Java Development Java


2014-12-02 03:28    By:mohamedhamdid      View:16      Download:0

Pour programmer une application client-serveur, il est commode dʼutiliser les sockets (disponibles en particulier sous Unix). Les sockets fournissent une interface qui permet dʼutiliser facilement les protocoles de transport TCP et UDP Une socket est simplement un moyen de désigner lʼextrémi...

Socket Java

SQLserver example

2015-02-14 01:01    By:vicos      View:21      Download:1

Visual Studio 2012 example in of connecting to a SQL server database.data are displayed in a grid.Grid contains combos date type fields....

DataBase C#

WPF upload photo storage C#SQLserver storage display case

2014-11-19 02:46    By:skdsxx      View:11      Download:0

The c # language, prepared by the WPF desktop applets, you can enter a number, SQLserver database, upload pictures, databases are saved addresses, label in the table and pictures can be displayed in a DataGrid...


Realization of hitS

2015-03-18 09:03    By:317411971      View:647      Download:1

A MATLAB program to compute the hitS authority and hub vectors of the above web graph. Print out a copy of program and use the diary feature of MATLAB to record the work for submission....

Matlab Matlab

Sqlserver database log cleanup tool

2015-02-21 07:04    By:crow999999      View:19      Download:0

A SQLserver database log purge tool without the source code, run normally because the database will generate lots of logs, sometimes filling up hard, there were times when I encountered a database log reaches above 200G, the client fails to properly execute the request, taken up by the gadget to qui...

DataBase C++

Darwin Streaming server

2015-03-18 12:24    By:thinkperson      View:55      Download:1

Concurrency is not a huge amount, and the performance requirements are not very high streaming module, live555 is a very good choice, here I do a streaming media proxy server (currently only H264 video forward) Agent forwarding forwards to RTSP and RTP main forward (not to achieve the forward...

Windows C++

Guestbook code

2015-03-22 03:04    By:superrabbit      View:206709      Download:0

A JSP application achieve Guest book Guest book admin management JavaBean,Taglib, technology For JSP beginner to learn to use...

Java Development Java
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