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Delphi HOOK Lib x86/x64

2015-11-19 19:18    By:7xcode      View:276      Download:10

Universal HOOK library. Support X86 and X64. Using open source BeaEngine disassemble engines. benefits of BeaEngine can be compiled with BCB into OMF format Obj, Were linked to Delphi's DCU and the destination file ... does not require additional DLL....

Hook Delphi

APIhOOK intercept CreateProcess function block to start the application

2015-10-31 23:42    By:joker11111      View:138      Download:2

Use APIhOOK intercept CreateProcess function to achieve the purpose of intercepting start the application. When you run a program, will pop up a message "CreateProcess". Prove that the application has been blocked....

Hook Delphi


2015-09-03 06:48    By:tigerr      View:75      Download:1

This is a really good bOOK for starters who want to learn ruby well. An up to date bOOK on Ruby programming, written in a style described as "a beautiful display of pragmatically chunky bacon, wrapped in a nutshell." Or something like that. Mr. Neighborly's Humble Little Ruby BOOK cove...

book Ruby

Use CodebOOK algorithm for moving object detection

2015-11-07 15:39    By:勤劳的码农      View:246      Download:6

This code is based on the codebOOK algorithm of the  paper"Real-time foreground–background segmentation using codebOOK mode", implemented on C++ platform, use opencv 2.3.1 version, realized the moving object detection. CodeBOOK algorithm of the time series model of the basic idea is...

Graph C++

C # implementation of HOOK mouse and keyboard source code

2015-11-09 02:58    By:风之子      View:841      Download:2

Global HOOK, you can get Mouseover, Mouse Click, MouseDown Up, DoubleClick. Wheel, Press, keyboard KeyPress, keyDown, KeyUp...


Realized by ApihOOK print monitor

2015-11-05 12:07    By:hahaccl      View:37      Download:1

Realized by ApihOOK print monitor, C++ is written is simple, for reference only, monitors print queues...


HOOK Android function routine

2015-08-21 21:16    By:roycyz      View:19      Download:1

For hOOK character, change the character information display. For example, the output of all the android character w to p and so on. As a hOOK in the Enlightenment tutorials android use. For hOOK other functions, but also the application of similar methods. Just find function can hOOK. Use requires...

Android Java

FacebOOK Like slider

2015-09-29 02:49    By:shoono      View:48      Download:2

This app define about the facebOOK like a slide show that will display the images in a facebOOK like ...

Android Java


2015-09-08 21:36    By:seny11      View:54      Download:0


Driver Development C

HOOK & Injection

2015-08-06 21:58    By:AlexPobis      View:64      Download:0

This is hOOK & dll injection module It was written by c++...

Windows C++


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