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OpenCV-based object detection, very Haoe very Haoe very Hao E...

2010-08-13 20:28

ChainCascade, Harr features classifier training to be a cascade boosted classifi...

ChainCascade, Harr features classifier training to be a cascade boosted classifier, training objectives features, object detection, which is OpenCV library into vc source code, complete with a doctorate, is pretty good....

2010-12-08 23:11

haar-like face recognition

This function ObjectDetection is an implementation of the Detection in the Viola-Jones framework. In this framework Haar-like features are used for rapid object detection. It supports the trained classifiers in the XML files of OpenCV which can be download as part of the OPENCV software on opencv.wi...

2013-10-07 08:03

car detction

Hello I am a student in 3rd year cycle engineer I try to do a project end concernat study the detection of objects of urban traffic (4 wheels drive and 2 wheels motorcycles, for example) is that you can m 'help on this project with visual studio 2010 and opencv 2.4.8 and thank you...

Object Detection

This code is written using opencv, using three methods to detect pedestrians, such as hog, frame diff and background diff. This algorithm is very stable!...

Moving image detection MovingObjectDetection

VS-C# run under 2010. The hybrid Gauss method for some problems, the remaining two can be achieved....

haar like feature

This is haar-like feature about matlab code make detection by algorithm haar-like ...

Hand Tracking And Recognition with OpenCV

Computer Vision is in many ways the ultimate sensor, and has endless potential applications to robotics. The hand tracking is based on color recognition. The program is therefore initialized by sampling color from the hand.The hand is then extracted from the background by using a threshold using the...

2014-10-17 00:18

Camera capture human faces and calculates similarity

Load the original contrast images, and calculating a histogram of the original image;  Get the camera information, in which frames extracted, and calculating a histogram of the frame image;  The histogram histogram of an image with the original image is compared to extract and calculate...

2014-10-28 09:34

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