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OpenGL drawing flag

Simple OpenGL drawing five-starred red flag, suitable for beginners to learn the basic usage of OpenGL module....

OpenGL source code

The OpenGL game programming focuses on the topic of high-performance OpenGL graphics library to develop games with the game's video part. In order for readers to understand the entire process of creating a game, the book also includes DirectX content. Covered both the OpenGL game programming is one...

OpenGL header files

OpenGL.h header fileOpenGL.h : main header file for the OpenGL application//#if !defined(AFX_OpenGL_H__8A456E10_C04A_46C5_B8E1_9EE079A11151__INCLUDED_)#define AFX_OpenGL_H__8A456E10_C04A_46C5_B8E1_9EE079A11151__INCLUDED_#if _MSC_VER > 1000 #pragma once#endif // _MSC_VER > 1000#ifndef __AFXWIN_...

OpenGL 3-axis robots to complete programs

OpenGL 3-axis robot Jacobian calculation of inverse kinematics for beginners! Hope to be useful, where there are wrong, please forgive me! Full source code and can confidently read!...

OpenGL sample programs

This procedure press the a and r to switch the keyboard effects used to test depthOpenGL (Open Graphics Library written) is the definition of a programming language, cross-platform programming interface specification, it used a three-dimensional image (two-dimensional). OpenGL is a professional grap...

Textures and Shaders in OpenGL on iOS

Translated by maninwest@Codeforge Author:KarstenK@CodeProjectThe article demonstrates how easy it is to work with OpenGL textures on iOS and common work pattern as singleton, MVC, outlets and test. So OpenGL is a useful technology which is also available on other platforms. The drawback is, that the...

OpenGL 3D graphics in MATLAB

Translated by maninwest@Codeforge Author:roozbehabolpour@CodeProjectIn this article we use OpenGL interface for 3D scientific visualization. OpenGL was developed by Silicon Graphics and was released in 1992. OpenGL is a cross-language programming interface (API) for rendering 2D and 3D computer grap...

Simple MFC Application for OpenGL (For Practice)

A simple MFC application for OpenGL, show how use OpenGL in MFC.This is a small OpenGL program , it intuitive shows the how use OpenGL in MFC, and it competed a simple function like Drawing in Windows, as well as shows the basis usage of 2d part of OpenGL....

Examples of OpenGL to load bmp pictures

OpenGL loading BMP picture examples, dapper, very good...

OpenGL+mfc rotation code

OpenGL+mfc do a simple cube demo. Can for the novice to learn.Demo realized through the panel properties to modify the world coordinates of the model, and then in the properties panel select cube corresponds to the surface and makes the corresponding surface of revolution. Code environment is VS2013...

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