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P2P voice and video chat

Implement a simple video chat, like QQ, text audio and video transmissions. P2P programming. TCP-based connection, three-way handshake connection is correct. Video implementation is to call the VFW library functions that encode H263 for video data will be collected, and then in the network based on...

P2P through source code

Network P2P through source code, simple and practical, there are detailed notes, simple to understand, easy to learn,...

P2P live video chat

Live video chat, speed, voice clarity, eliminate echo, coding simpler, supports one to one or one-to-many real-time audio and video interaction P2P technology, text chat, file transfer, clear channel, audio and video recordings, network quality of service (QoS), and open interfaces...

Peer to Peer communication Model P2P

This is the code of P2P in wireless which could be very handful for the users, they also come across and get many experiments inside the folder which will be very handful for them. In these scripts folder there is also the code for the median. ...

P2P communication system based on JXTA platform

1、 Systems not installed Java runtime environment (JRE) installed "install files" folder under JRE6.0. (JDK6.0 which contains JRE6.0) 2、 And then "run" folder under the "lib" folder and the P2Pcommuni-cation.jar file is copied to the same folder, double-click to run P2Pcommunication.j...

P2P c++ sdk

P2P dll c++ , Static emReturnType SetAppType (emAppType AppType);//set the program type, server emAppType_Server or client emAppType_Client Static emReturnType SetClientCallback (IMsgCallback *pMsgCallback);//set the callback class, the callback class inherit IMsgCallback interface Static em...

P2P chat software (full source code) Delphi, imitation QQ, similar to Ali Wong

P2P chat software DELPHI all the source code, without encryption, complete components, debugging is very simple and convenient! Send a message online or offline, and can customize the message font, color, size and other information, support insert emoticons, screen capture. Support multiplayer dialo...

classic source P2P emule

classical source P2P emule, a pure c ++ realize the P2P model, learning c ++ coding classic. Whether encoding format, style, or on a variety of c ++ syntax templates use are very detailed. Good code is rare, open to compile and run. Can run on linux and windows and other platforms....

Tunnels P2P source, client and Server source code, C++ to write

Tunnels P2P source, client and Server source code, C++ is written very good P2P information. A pure c++ implementation of the P2P model is learning c++ coding classics. Regardless of the encoding format, style, or the c++ syntax template using very detailed. The rare good code, opening can be compil...

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