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G726 ADPCM format audio encoding program

G726 ADPCM format audio encoder, with source code, as well as the original PCM claim format, can be carried out directly under Linux compiled, the PCM encoded into G726, believe that learning G726 friends will have some help. Thank you....

PCM project

Pulse-code modulation (PCM) is a method used to digitally represent sampled analog signals. It is the standard form of digital audio in computers, Compact Discs, digital telephony and other digital audio applications. In a PCM stream, the amplitude&n...

VC++ simple PCM remix

VC++ platform that uses audio mixing algorithm and realization of a simple two-channel PCM wave file mixing, resampling does not support file, require two file formats, refer to the principles themselves scalable to multi-channel mix...

android PCM player

android playback performance PCM audio data , collected for testing audio PCM data is correct !...

IMA ADPCM Encoder and Decoder

IMA ADPCM Encoder and Decoder 4b 11 43 11 86 10 74 0f a7 0e d7 0d 6e 0b 19 0b f0 08 14 07 d9 05 eb 02 44 02 15 00 df fd b3 fc fe fa 74 fa 4d f9 e4 f8 2d f9 7c f9 9c f9 eb f9 63 fa 70 fb 03 fd 44 fe 9e ff 4b 00 e6 00 39 01 0d 02 01 03 4c 02 35 02 46 02 5c 00 48 ff a5 fd d7 fb fe fa e7 f8...

PCM encoding

Code for making a PCM compression in a .wav file. Enjoy :D...

PCM modulation

This file helPs in doing PCM in simulink in an easy way . It also describes the way it should be done step by step. Hoping this will help in understanding it in a much better way. Programming using simulink in matlab program...

Communication signals PCM encoding systems, encoding and decoding programs

This is a PCM coding system program I own series of junior communication signals, file encoding, decoding program can calculate the quantization error, computing SNR, very practical,I hope to share with everyone, children learning to communicate useful...

PCM/OOK example for triangular pulse waveform

This is a tutorial for triangular pulse waveform using PCM/OOK for input you need to  input the number of bits desired per sample and get bits for each sample received signal including noise , filter done in receiver to filter out noise , you define filter...

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