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PHP-residence0.61 Hotel Web site system pre-installed Web pages

PHP-residence Hotel Web site system pre-installed Web pages, news articles, images, online booking hotel rooms, the recruitment module, presupposes a hotel site columns, content, templates with a variety of exquisite style. ... Typing will be able to maintain the website; modular architecture may at...

PHP admin MVC

PHP admin data files MVC aplicattion for admin. create edit read delete items. Ideal tambien para riendas de musica...

Table PHP+jqGrid plug-ins to achieve CRUD

PHP+jqGrid form plugin deletion to change search function, using the ThinkPHP frame, front end use HTML + jQuery + DSS, students in need can download their own. Pack file has that ha!...

PHP+excel general query system

PHP+excel general query system is a very simple but very common, very convenient performance query system, universal in almost all Excel single two-dimensional data sheet query. Simply modify the query conditions and the top, bottom text (very simple), can be used for almost all wages and other inqu...

PHP tree menu

PHP implementation of the tree menu, you can customize the database structure...

PHP Yuan buying the system source code,

PHP a cloud system, documentation for installation instructions. Without any other background default account Admin,Admin...

PHP Yuan buying the system source code,

PHP a cloud system, background add item, specify how much how many purchased codes can be generated. Available when you purchase balance is paid, can manually recharge to the user from the background to purchases tested when the product reaches the specified number, the system default 3 minutes coun...

PHP login system with admin features

PHP login system, with admin features, without smarty deviced mvc....

PHP+HTML5 realization of GPS positioning, calculation

PHP+HTML5 realization of GPS positioning, calculating distance, no SQL file in the annex reference fields to set up MYSQL database, mobile phone and PC at the same time....

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