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Cross-platform simulation in c # Web pages submitted by POST

Submitted by simulation in c # Web page based on cross-platform POST, I believe many people have had similar experiences, to achieve automatic procedures for the submission, as well as cross-platform, in fact this is very simple...

POST Office, newspaper, magazine subscription system

This system is composed of "customer service subsystem", "house management subsystem", "original data management subsystem". Customer service sub-system includes 2 modules: "subscriptions", "customer service". House management subsystem contains 3 modules: "order management" and "POST management",...

POSTprocesing of nastran FE results in matlab

The fePOSTProc software application is a Matlab graphical user interface (GUI) that enablesstructural finite element mode shapes or operational deflection shapes to be easily viewed fromwithin the Matlab environment. Working from within the Matlab environment offers numerousadvantages over other pos...


POSTGIS is an open source, it is an object - to provide support for POSTgreSQL relational database to store geospatial data, making POSTgreSQL become a spatial database, spatial data management can be performed, the number of measurement and geometric topology analysis. POSTGIS realized Simple Featu...

POSTagger crawling, simple web scraping, Java

POSTagger, crawling, Simple web scraping POSTagger the use of attention only to the parts they need and keep  to your hard disk Running in Windows...

HTTPURL Connection POST Request example

This is a simple tutorial to demo how httpURLConnection uses POST method to register update data saved in  remote server....

The implementation of Http get and POST requests

VC++ implementing HTTP clients, has always been a hot topic. Demo GET/POST the HTTP client sends a  request, and prepared to demonstrate how HTTP clients, Therefore must run in native HTTP service only.  Program will automatically send a request type selected by the user a...

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