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Crawling procedure CPUID disassemble the source code, CPUID can be used to read some CPU related information...

The Function get the MainBoard Serial Number

#include <iostream> using namespace std; union aregister { int theint; unsigned bits[32]; }; union tonibbles { int integer; short parts[2]; }; void GetSerial() { int part1,part2,part3; aregister issupported; int buffer; __asm { mov eax, 01h CPU...

Obtaining a unique hardware ID

This is article written by me, Michael Haephrati, about the search for a reliable hardware ID        The WMI set of classes  Windows provides a set of classes that can be used for most hardware enumeration and identification tasks, whic...

C++ source code to view the computer CPU type information

// Test_cpu.cpp: custom console application's entry point.  @  // ================================================ =============== / * CPUID instruction is to obtain information under the assembly instructions intel IA32 CPU architecture,            &nb...

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