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CUDA implementation of H.264 codec, the Parallel algorithm

CUDA implementation of H.264 codec, accelerating algorithm for Parallel, internal implementation of CUDA implementation of H.264 video codec, can be compiled, tested, and also add a comment....

Parallelizing Morph algorithm using C#

-Overview: Morphs two images outputting the result as a sequence of bitmaps or a movie clip. -Hardware requirement: This sample requires DirectX 11 capable card, if none detected sample will use DirectX 11 Reference Emulator. -Software requirement: Install Visual Studio 2012 from http:/...

Using Parallel Computing for Adaptive Beamforming Applications

Abstract| Recently, smart antenna systems have been widely considered to provide interfer-ence reduction and improve the capacity, data rates, and performance of wireless mobile commu-nication. Smart antenna arrays with adaptive beamforming capability are very e®ective in thesuppression of inter...

Parallel and serial transmitter

This two programs send data through Parallel (or serial) port to a 7 segments display. Settable parameters include: baud rate, parity, delay, etc....

Comparison between serial and Parallel Computing

A visit to the neighborhood PC retail store provides ample proof that we are in the multi-core era. The key differentiator among manufacturers today is the number of cores that they pack onto a single chip. The clock frequency of commodity processors has reached its limit, however, and is likely...

mpi4py example of Parallel successive over-relaxation

This is example how to solve  linear system of equations with the successive over-relaxation (SOR) method,  using python library mpi4py. Algorithm try to divide computations between nodes equally. This program can  be run on clusters. ...

Parallele Parallel algorithm

Algorithm based on image processing             Parallele Parallel programming   gradiant algorithm based on the gradient of the image processing algorithms, can circle the image contour Opencv read grayscale images...

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