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VB Practical computer network management tools assistant Source

A convenient and fast computer network management tools and Practical assistant VB source, including common system functions, IP quickly configure, violence delete, Chinese ping other common configuration features, are semi-finished bar, a little change change can be used on the project. Considering...

Practical MATLAB code

Multiple functional MATLAB programs, helping you improve the ability of code as soon as possible, involve histogram equalization, filter design , image processing algorithms, such as code operations....

Practical genetic algorithms

matlab codes for linear antenna array and genetic algorithms for antenna arrays...

Practical examples for c code

C language case, algorithm-driven, starter required! MCS-51 Practical development example, total of 8 chapters, there are various drivers, for beginner practitioners practice classic algorithms, explanatory notes, at a glance....

Practical USB interface programming

Developers reading this VC++ code need to be considerable, especially in basic principles on how to recognize the USB device and USB developers with a certain knowledge of the application. Program demonstrates how to compose high level application communicate with a USB interface, operation environm...

Practical navigation MATLAB code

Inertial navigation system and GPS navigation code to achieve the position and velocity of the output, input for inertial measurement data, including the angular velocity and acceleration of information, 15 States the combination navigation equations are equations, observations and 6 State equations...

Practical SQLite C++ encapsulation classes

SQLite package class, simple and Practical support for common operations! I felt encapsulated well, run platform: Windows, Linux, UNIX. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email

Practical Matlab source code

The following is the source code Matlab matlab Practical utility source code  Matlab7.x image processing  ch2_1_1: histogram (§2.1.3)  ch2_2_1: display images (§2.2.2)  ch2_3_1: Add a color bar (§2.3.1)  ch2_3_2: a single frame of the image display (§2.3.2)  c...

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