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VB Practical computer network management tools assistant Source

2015-01-16 03:50    By:455179157      View:19      Download:0

A convenient and fast computer network management tools and Practical assistant VB source, including common system functions, IP quickly configure, violence delete, Chinese ping other common configuration features, are semi-finished bar, a little change change can be used on the project. Considering...

网络管理 VB

Adaptive filtering is a topic of immense Practical relevance and deep theoretical challenges that persist even to this date.

2014-11-22 19:52    By:ntvcie      View:71      Download:0

The book is divided into eleven core parts, in addition to a leading part on Background Marerial and a trailing part on References and Indices. Table P.l  lists the various parts.  Each of the core parts, numbered I through XI, consists of four distinctive elements in the following ord...

Matlab Matlab

Shared memory forBCB Practical code

2014-12-22 00:30    By:waveyang      View:15      Download:0

Very Practical Shared memory code, divided into client and server devote himself to create file list as follows:2013-09-19  08:46             4,076 Client.bpr2013-09-19  08:34               929 Client.cpp2013-09-19  09...

Windows Borland C++ Builder

SSD3 Practical Quiz 2

2014-12-17 04:56    By:As 18      View:40      Download:0

IT is Practical Quiz for SSD3! All answers in one archive! ICarnegieINFOApplication with add code! You are receiving this email because a new password was requested for your account on CodeForge.com. If you did not request a new password for this account, ignore this email and continue to use y...

Java Development Java

BP neural network code for the simple and Practical

2014-11-28 02:21    By:liguangyu1121      View:34      Download:1

Is a simple and Practical neural network code can achieve input data, give predicted results, easy to learn and master....

Matlab Matlab

VB6 used to achieve Practical multithreading serial communication

2015-02-06 03:39    By:无声火      View:81      Download:0

Using Visual Basic 6 to achieve really useful thread serial communication In fact using Visual Basic ActiveX Exe technologies can be easily implemented multithreading, this technique is very useful in serial communications, particularly for the communications, data processing, if you use the tim...

Communication VB

Serial port test program written in c language, simple and Practical

2014-12-09 02:48    By:ct3paul      View:31      Download:0

Serial port test program written in c language, simple and Practical support and sending and receiving serial data, supporting multiple baud rate, without the need for any modifications, compile correctly for multiple platforms is operating normally. When used together with the device name....

Linux programming C

Practical examples for c code

2014-08-30 10:38    By:lsmsoar      View:7      Download:0

C language case, algorithm-driven, starter required! MCS-51 Practical development example, total of 8 chapters, there are various drivers, for beginner practitioners practice classic algorithms, explanatory notes, at a glance....

Embeded C

Practical SQLite C++ encapsulation classes

2014-12-10 01:20    By:happy0123      View:23      Download:1

SQLite package class, simple and Practical support for common operations! I felt encapsulated well, run platform: Windows, Linux, UNIX. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email yin0123@Sina.com...

DataBase C++

OpenCV algorithm detailed Practical application

2015-03-11 09:31    By:langhaibo      View:136      Download:3

The main content of the compressed file is about using OpenCV algorithms detailed in Practical application help, very helpful for learning OpenCV....

Image Processing Visual C++

Practical Matlab source code

2015-03-25 22:48    By:mexwell      View:424      Download:1

The following is the source code Matlab matlab Practical utility source code  Matlab7.x image processing  ch2_1_1: histogram (§2.1.3)  ch2_2_1: display images (§2.2.2)  ch2_3_1: Add a color bar (§2.3.1)  ch2_3_2: a single frame of the image display (§2.3.2)  c...

Matlab Matlab

Android frameworks Practical

2015-01-28 23:30    By:tiancan      View:20      Download:1

Simple Practical has various development common of framework  :    title background transparent, and pictures download and processing, and Xia pulled refresh points page, and pure text form, and sliding button, and pictures broadcast, and download device breakpoint continued biography...

Android Java

bluetooth 4.0 Practical example version 2 in pdf

2015-02-05 23:13    By:cnc2020      View:35      Download:1

bluetooth 4.0 Practical example version 2 in pdf, it is good for bluetooth starter, hope usesfull...

Document PDF

Gsnake, a Practical active contour model

2015-03-17 09:52    By:shirley10125      View:148      Download:2

Active contour model is also called snake model, image segmentation is classic, the compressed file contains a large number of image segmentation based on snake model to achieve program...

Image Processing C++

Practical MATLAB code

2015-01-29 04:47    By:xiehou      View:23      Download:0

Multiple functional MATLAB programs, helping you improve the ability of code as soon as possible, involve histogram equalization, filter design , image processing algorithms, such as code operations....

Matlab Matlab

SSD1 Practical guiz 8

2014-12-17 11:50    By:Shaimerdenova      View:20      Download:0

You should write the servlet Payroll.java along with three other classes (Employee.java, RegularEmployee.java, and ContractEmployee.java) to process five values obtained through the Web page PayrollForm.html. The Payroll servlet must do the following: Capture the values submitted...

Java Development Java

Practical genetic algorithms

2014-12-02 01:20    By:suman      View:12      Download:0

matlab codes for linear antenna array and genetic algorithms for antenna arrays...

Matlab Matlab

Practical USB interface programming

2015-02-26 02:53    By:ccl118code      View:136      Download:1

Developers reading this VC++ code need to be considerable, especially in basic principles on how to recognize the USB device and USB developers with a certain knowledge of the application. Program demonstrates how to compose high level application communicate with a USB interface, operation environm...

Communication Visual C++
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