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Python crawler, using beautiful soup crawler to a company ", in the paging etc....

Python stock k line graph

Python 2.7 + wxPython rendering stock k line graph, extracting stock return data to the excel file from Sina...

Python Go program

Python + wxPython to do a small go program, and gnugo on the war....

Chat programs written in Python

Chat program written in Python, client and server                                                                        ...

Python implementation of Kalman filter tracking

An implementation if kalman filter in Python with numpy. It is good for learning....

Python - OBDII - Torque Lite Simulator

Python sample script for testing Mobile Phones OBDII - Simulates your vehicle when used with Torque Lite on Android device...

Python - OBDII Simulator for Fun2Drive

Python OBDII Simulator to be used to test Fun2Drive Android App...

Python Simple Chat App

Small Python chat application peer to peer using TCP/IP sockets to transmit the messages. Created to be a exercise for fixation of sockets and threading modules.  It was intended to be used by N machines in a network, and being capable of writing and printing messages at the screen at sam...

Python pachong

Python pachong  Web crawler tool for enterprises to provide data products Web crawler tool for enterprises to provide data products Web crawler tool, mainly for businesses...

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