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Linking games QT interface, LAN play

Linking game, QT interface for LAN play, very fun, is all original, good for learning QT very. Especially for LAN play....

QT read and write

QT database link and operate like reading and writing for sqlite database...

QT GUI for all kinds of dialog show

QT GUI for all kinds of dialog show。 Part 1 : Basic example of a dialog box...

Creator QT quick entry code

Application backgroundThe default development environment in the book is: XP QT + Creator 2.1.0 Windows + 4.7.2 QTIf you need to develop a Linux, you can use the following simple steps to build the environment:Can go to to view the graphics and text tutorial.(below Ubuntu 12.04)...

QT similar to QQ message flashing

Application backgroundQT similar to QQ message flashing.........................................................................Key Technology.. Good tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick....

QT curve drawing qcusotmplot

Application backgroundQT curve rendering qcusotmplot, a source code, can modify the source code, the response to the operation of the curve is very fast, in particular, to do real-time curve, online have the installation and use of tutorials. The development of the company's interface curve is...

QT serial development program

QT UART serial development program in LInux environment. And write corresponding test program. Users can directly call the corresponding function interface, so as to avoid too much reflection on the underlying program. Save development cycle thereby substantially. This procedure applies to beginners...


QT documentation in Chinese   English is not very good students will help should be rather easy for   of those students in need can be downloaded under   It is said that the Chinese version of the document is authoritative (said by the original author)...

QT TCPsocket server and client

TCPsocket programs written in QT includes server and client Server and client can communicate with Support for hexadecimal and ASCII sending and receiving...

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