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mega48pa + RFID + lcd nokia3110

15 hours ago    By:ilord      View:86      Download:1

Read information from RFID Mifare Classic 1K card. Show it on LCD Nokia 3110. Using Atmel AVR mega48pa...

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STM32 RFID smart card

2014-12-18 15:38    By:keith320      View:149      Download:1

Stm32zet6 read the RFID card experiment, and you can set a password via a serial port, the read operation...

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Example RFID with PIC

7 hours ago    By:behaispkt2010      View:109      Download:0

Active RFID technologies improve asset tracking to a new level. End users enjoy faster transactions, more fluent  but more  secure than the system currently in use. The library, pharmacy and entertainment establishments  accept RFID can benefit from the transacti...

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RFID Bayesian estimation

2014-12-18 15:05    By:gongpan10      View:49      Download:1

Bayesian estimation of RFID, passive RFID, the reader through a certain rule identification tags, such as dynamic Aloha protocol and binary tree protocol. Dynamic Aloha protocol, if the tag reader to identify a group is defined as a time period of one cycle is divided into a plurality of frames, eac...

Matlab Matlab

RFID read/write routines

2014-12-18 02:50    By:zzmxw      View:77      Download:0

Offers RFID development source code, VC series, showing how RFID card encryption, how to self-destruct. Serial communications support RS-232 (RS232), RS-485 (RS485), baud rate selectable, optional RFID antenna, reader frequency can be adjusted. Provided RFID card reader power control method, power a...

Other Visual C++

Examples of WinCE and linuxRFID_I2c

2014-12-07 13:45    By:qier_lin      View:36      Download:0

Radio frequency identification or RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology, also known as radio frequency identification, is a communication technology that can identify specific objectives and to read and write data through radio signals, without identification system with a specific goal b...

Linux programming C

Stc89C52 24C02 c language program

7 hours ago    By:guyansf      View:43      Download:0

At24c02 program based on STC89C52RC, through the IIC communication can be single-byte operation, can also be manipulated multibyte, has personally tested successfully....

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MFRC522 RFID Card Reader

15 hours ago    By:Biswajitkundu2007      View:184      Download:2

It is RFID Base Card Reader using NXP MRFC522 IC ISO14443, Microcontroller LPC1768, Interface SSP0....

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RFID anti-collision algorithm in c

2014-12-12 22:01    By:huiyuanming1002      View:53      Download:0

This is the RFID Anti-collision algorithm c language source code. Welcome to download and trial. Thank you all for your support! Hope can help!...

Algorithm C

RFID development examples

2014-12-08 00:14    By:yingyan      View:41      Download:0

RFID example code, very simple program, it is best to use with card reader, on which you want to test. We want to help....

Communication C#

RFID positioning

2014-12-15 02:55    By:123456      View:60      Download:0

RFID-based time and attendance system design source code, C code, detailed and included attendance the  most basic functions, for beginners is a good reference, it is also useful....

Algorithm C

Read and write RFID software

2014-12-15 13:40    By:Uncle      View:34      Download:1

Finished RFID PC read/write VC 2010 Finished RFID PC read/write VC 2010 Finished RFID PC read/write VC 2010 Finished RFID PC read/write VC 2010 Finished RFID PC read/write VC 2010 Finished RFID PC read/write VC 2010...

Algorithm C#

89C52 header file

2014-12-05 11:07    By:hzbin      View:12      Download:0

89C52 header file. Need to download 89C52 header file. Need to download...

Java Development C++

Lista RFID

2014-11-23 14:56    By:paulofreire      View:63      Download:0

See how to capture RFID code reading, per card, RFID tags and drops....

Windows Delphi


2014-12-05 01:42    By:vadivel      View:7      Download:0

RFID based Voting system...

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RFID RF card reader driver

2014-12-15 07:01    By:一路天明      View:46      Download:0

Details based on 51 single-chip RFID card reader/writer drive, apply S50 contactless IC card performance profiles (M1), The electrical part of the card consists of an antenna and ASIC Composition. Antennas: antennas are only a few of the card set of coil winding, nicely packaged to IS...

Communication C

RFID based security system

2014-12-18 03:27    By:sunilgayke      View:26      Download:0

this project is based on RFID based security system...

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RFID Vire simulation

2014-12-10 01:02    By:panchunfengyi1989      View:29      Download:0

RFID indoor location algorithm of VIRE, the program contains the point to be measured in scene simulation as well as the point where the error...

Matlab Matlab

ISO15693RFID Protocol and test code

16 hours ago    By:wpneu      View:99      Download:0

RC632 controller, ISO1443A/1443B/15693 Protocol card read/write code, test code that includes the underlying protocol communication and upper, you can directly reference to real-world projects. Including homing card, card reader and other commonly used code. Code is tested, it can be used normally....

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