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Convert H264 to YUV420 source code

2015-03-20 02:08    By:langhaibo      View:185      Download:4

Main function of source code is standard h264 video streaming data into YUV420, algorithm simple, we want to help....

video Visual C++

A software which can convert YUV video to avi

2015-02-26 00:15    By:xiaoyuzhou0807      View:55      Download:2

A software which can convert YUV video  to avi ,this is not a simple code file .this is a software. it can aslo convert  avi video to YUV video .i download it from the CSDN. The users which download it give a high comment on it .so if you just need to convert and don't care th...

video C++

YUV files read from the source program

2015-01-22 19:51    By:yangxueble      View:65      Download:0

YUV file reading source code, may realize the CIF, Qcif format YUV data to read, play, pause, and so on....

Algorithm C

Conversion between BMP bitmap and YUV

2015-02-20 06:44    By:linsan      View:98      Download:0

Provide a bitmap, RGB and YUV conversion algorithm and BMP TO rgb,BMP TO YUV, RGB TO YUV, RGB TO BMP, RGB TO YUV, YUV TO RGB, YUV TO BMP, source package developed on C++, c # can be modified using the...

Windows C++

Write my own YUV420 directly converted to JPEG image compression source code.

2015-03-26 11:52    By:shaoyan_lingli      View:446      Download:1

The code is written entirely by me and tested, guaranteed.  This code is used to YUV420 format directly compressed into JPEG file format.  Interior is optimized for fast, streamlined code structure, readable.  Source code is more literal interpretation, help to understand....

Image Processing C++


2015-03-12 06:03    By:boatraining      View:95      Download:0

Makefile projects, uses table look-up method to transform RGB for YUV420 data, you can generate a RGB YUV turn static libraries, can be directly integrated into the project. YUV data is saved as a file that is generated, if you want further transformation of the YUV files can be read directly....

Algorithm C

YUV Viewer VS2008 project can be divided into frames

2015-03-20 04:04    By:sharon      View:66      Download:1

YUV Viewer VS2008 project, high customizable frames wide frames, frame playback. YUV Viewer VS2008 project, high customizable frames wide frames, frame playback. YUV Viewer VS2008 project, high customizable frames wide frames, frame playback. YUV Viewer VS2008 project, high cust...

Image Processing C++

YUV422 YUV420 and RGB YUV420 source

2015-03-20 08:43    By:mengxiangshijie      View:204      Download:0

Simple YUV422 format for camera capture data into YUV420 format data in program source code. And the camera RGB data collected data in the YUV420 transformation format program source code, easy to use....

video C

YUV video interlacing Adaptive algorithms for Opencl implementation

2015-01-12 20:50    By:Qblade      View:79      Download:0

Source for YUV420 video deinterlacing is the function of handling, processing algorithm is used in Adaptive deinterlacing algorithm, Visual Studio2008,Opencl after the experimental platform is configured for Opencl computing was characterized by the use of the GPU for parallel programming, processin...

Multimedia C++

YUV files display source code

2015-03-10 22:23    By:xiaoxiaodai      View:56      Download:1

YUV sequence and displays the load files for reading the YUV format, only setting shows the number of frames, adjust the input file frame rate, size and other information, is available, very useful for student use of image and video processing, intuitive look effective....

Matlab Matlab

PArticle Filter Toolbox PArticle Tool box

2015-03-18 21:52    By:oceanpearl      View:93      Download:0

The object of this toolbox is to provide a MATLAB framework for nonlinear filteringin general, and pArticle filtering in particular. This is done by using the objectorientedprogramming paradigm, resulting in truly expandable code. Three typesof discrete and nonlinear state-space models are supported...

Matlab Matlab

Project Ecommerce exemplo do Site em sistema de Login completo

14 hours ago    By:abraao199      View:4833      Download:2

Project Ecommerce exemplo do Site em sistema de Login completo ...

Web Browser PHP

YUV turn 264 (9-15)

2015-01-27 03:47    By:yelinfeng0807      View:55      Download:2

C ++ source file using the data into 264 YUV format...

Image Processing C++

YUV to RGB conversion

2015-02-17 04:28    By:alanfenghuilu      View:52      Download:0

Actual project development in YUV to RGB video converter ... Very simple software can take a look in this area, can achieve a YUV video video format to RGB format and play ...                     &nbs...

Windows C++

RGB transfer YUV420sp

2015-03-20 02:10    By:moonwalker      View:39      Download:0

A test, refer to online algorithms to achieve the 3 algorithms and compare. Then see if there's any more room for optimization of space, such as compilation, preferably in NEON....

Algorithm C

Modified decode demo that can read YUV source files

2015-03-13 05:03    By:827143452      View:48      Download:0

She studied decode demo, enjoy more Chinese comment, turned out to be read. H264,. MEPG4 files, now accompanied by simple viddec method server, you can read the YUV source files, the format is 720*576 UYVY...

Davinci C

Sitema Solar OPENGL

2015-01-20 15:02    By:fenixblanco      View:24      Download:0

Sistema Solar con OPENGL Bueno este es un código muy útil, tipo proyecto que simula un sistema planetario, dándole matices y movimiento, realizado en el curso Computación Gráfica I....

OpenGL C++

Static Site on Ciprofloxacin

2014-11-20 02:50    By:burahn      View:10      Download:0

History of Ciprofloxacin The first members of the quinolone antibacterial class were relatively low potency drugs such as nalidixic acid, used mainly in the treatment of urinary tract infections owing to their renal excretion and propensity to be concentrated in urine.[72] In 1979 the pu...

Static website HTML/CSS

E marketing webSite with login page

2015-03-19 09:04    By:squashmelia      View:15      Download:0

WebSites that are similar to bhinneka, using a system of categories, and this time use the facilities of the member  webSite, where you can login first, actually somewhat impractical, because the user must be a member of this  webSite to conduct any transaction in the form, use...

Website PHP
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