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verilog hdl programming examples

2015-11-23 01:55    By:wnsylnf      View:232      Download:0

verilog hdl programming examples, to learn verilog hdl hardware voice will be of great help....

verilog Verilog

Four lights switch of marquee (marquee program in verilog_hdl languages)

2015-10-20 04:33    By:laolvlv      View:1432      Download:0

This is a learning verilog hdl good information, suitable for beginners, explained in detail, from the light into the deep, learning the language, it is a hardware description language for good stuff, good material!...

verilog Verilog

Traffic light verilog hdl source code

16 hours ago    By:orangeorange      View:320      Download:3

It is the source code of verilog hdl for a street light. The LED on the board represent the green, yellow and red light.After some fixed time, the LED will be on or off for the command. Besides, the time will be count backwards, and it will be shown on the screen of the  board. It is very...

verilog Verilog

Using FPGA verilog hdl simulation class I2C communication

2015-11-18 11:26    By:shigaofei      View:252      Download:0

Using FPGA verilog hdl simulation class I2C communication...

verilog Verilog

FPU Floating point unit verilog Vhdl

2015-11-18 18:47    By:stoverson      View:277      Download:5

FPU (Floating Point Unit) is very useful in the moden ASIC and SOC designs. This module has been verified by FPGA and EDA env. But if you want to use it in a real project, please verify it with some formal method. ...

verilog Verilog

Veriolg hdl d flip-flop

2015-08-12 03:42    By:小谭      View:34      Download:0

D trigger program, suits the beginner to use and learn, verilog hdl languages, using Xillinx's chips....

verilog Verilog

verilog code FIFO

2015-11-18 00:46    By:sebastianleong      View:240      Download:2

FIFO is a First-In-First-Out memory queue with control logic that managesthe read and write operations, generates status flags, and provides optionalhandshake signals for interfacing with the user logic. It is often used tocontrol the flow of data between source and destination. FIFO can beclassifie...

verilog Verilog

verilog and vhdl files

2015-04-09 20:27    By:muralioxece      View:61      Download:0

library ieee; use ieee.std_logic_1164.all; use ieee.std_logic_arith.all; use ieee.std_logic_unsigned.all; entity tff1 is port( clk: in std_logic; rst: in std_logic; q1: out std_logic); end tff1; architecture behavioral of tff1 is signal q: std_logic; begin process(clk,rst) begin...

vhdl VHDL


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